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The MBA Diary

Doing my pre-matriculation courses

Before class starts, the school requires us to do our part by studying basic business courses so that we’ll have a basic understanding of business. I’m expected to self-study specific courses by HBS — Financial Accounting, Quantitative Analysis and Finance way before I even arrive in Tokyo. It’s not just studying ok, I needed to pass the tests so that I won’t have to do additional assignments when class begins!

It’s like this, we do the pre-test. If we pass, then we won’t have to do the online course (they can be very very very long) and if we don’t, we’ll have to do the online course and then pass the final exams. If we don’t pass the final exams, the lecturers will give extra assignments when class begins 😮

I needed to go all out because:

  1. I was paying for the materials and tests;
  2. I was required to pass the courses before the stipulated deadline; and
  3. I didn’t want to do extra assignments!

Anyway. So how did I fare? Continue Reading

Bags and Shoes

My Anya Hindmarch sparkle clutch in Multi

The thing that got me into Anya Hindmarch’s Valorie clutches is the Valorie embellished with multicolor glitter. I went to the store just to kill time this one evening and saw it — it’s love at first sight! I…

Life in Tokyo

Packing for Tokyo

Before classes began, I had to study for the online courses. It was just 1+ week before my flight. I was out of time. Knowing me, it would’ve taken me weeks to finish packing things.  Not that I’m not good…

Discovering Dubai

Chilling out at The Emirates Lounge

So I went to Dubai recently and flew with Emirates. I was looking forward to it because hello, it’s Emirates we’re talking about — the 5-star airlines that’s always bagging awards for its high standard of service. That morning, Reza…

Discovering Tokyo

Running across the Rainbow Bridge

We’re always on the lookout for something new to do in Tokyo. Something we’ve been meaning to but never got around doing was to be on the Rainbow Bridge on foot. Rainbow Bridge is the enormous bridge that links…

The MBA Diary

I’m in Tokyo for my MBA!

I’m in Tokyo now. It’s my 10th time in the city, only this time, I’m here as a grad student and recipient of the Japanese Government scholarship, under the Young Leaders’ Program. I’m here for 1+ year for my…

Bags and Shoes

My comfortable Rockport mocs

I went on a shoe hunt to look for comfortable casual shoes for walking. Some of you suggested that I go to Rockport, so I did. So so so glad to know — if it weren’t mentioned in the…

Bags and Shoes Family & Friends

My Tumi backpack

Going for an adventure soon. Figured that I’d need to travel with my notes and laptop and gadgets. I looked at all the bags I had in possession and it struck me… I didn’t have a proper bag that’s practical…

Discovering Bali

Tanah Lot during the sunset

The Tanah Lot Temple built in the 16th century, on offshore rock formation. The island rocks and cliffs surrounding the temple have been continuously shaped by the ocean waves, which result in its the splendid view of the seaside.…

Discovering Bali

Visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Monkeys everywhere — that’s when we got when we went to the Sacred Monkey Forest. I thought it’d be fun to see monkeys in this sacred reserve forest, also huge temple ground, only I didn’t expect them to be that many. The…


Bringing volume to flat & dry hair

There’s not a lot that a girl can do with flat hair. Styling is a challenge and unless you’re using plenty of products, it’ll stay limp even after spending hours on it. If it’s super flat, you can’t even wear…

Discovering Bali

Exploring Pura Puseh Batuan

We explored Pura Puseh Batuan, a Balinese Hindu temple at Batubulan Village in Gianyar that’s strategically located on the maid road leading to Ubud. It’s not the most famous temple out there, but being close to 1000 years old, it’s…