LDR ends

So I blogged about how our LDR resumed right after I came back from Tokyo.

He moved out of the city late last year to work on the RAPID Project. On weekdays both of us were occupied work, but despite that we still spent a relatively acceptable amount of time together as he often came home for the weekend.

Well, after more than 1/2 a year being located in the southern region, a 1-hour flight or 4 1/2 hour drive away from home, he’s back!!!

He decided to pursue a new opportunity within Petronas and has officially completely switched subs and roles. Off with the helmet and boots, now he’s back to slim fit white shirts and black pants and shiny shoes and deals with prices and contracts, which is a far cry from what we imagined he would do 35years ago #alwayslearning

It’s also ridiculous that from being continuously apart, we’re now both working at KLCC, his tower next to mine. We could be waving to each other if we weren’t 50 floors apart 😆  We commute to work together, have breakfast/lunch/dinner together (if time permits) and go back home and talk about work together.

Adapting to on/off apart/together previously required some effort, but at this stage I think we’ve gotten used to it that I think we’d be okay if one of us decides to move again. That said, I prefer being together and for it to remain this way, we’ll just need to align our movements in the future.



Conversations with Asna:


“Omg look at this picture, I look so ugly.”

She looked at the picture.

“You’re not ugly, you looked beautiful.”

Wow what’s up with the positivism?

She added:

“Don’t say you’re ugly, you’re beautiful. If you call yourself ugly you’e insulting your mom.”


“Mama says.”




Admiring Fazura on Instagram, I showed Asna her picture.

“Do you think she’s pretty?”

“She’s average.”

“Who’s prettier, you or her?”

“She is.”

Mama stepped into the dining area.

“Who’s prettier, Mama or her?”

Asna hesitated split second before she said:


We knew she’d say Mama anytime but Man and I made fun of her for second guessing.

“Mama, Asna said you’re prettier than Fazura!”

Mama buat muka sigh whatever la.


Asna blew her birthday candles quickly.

“Did you make a wish before you blew the candles?!”

“I’ve no birthday wishes.”

“What a waste. You could have wished you’d grow up as pretty like Fazura.”

Then Mama interrupted us.

“Tak payah la asik nak pretty face, it’s more important to have a pretty heart.”

“Asna, would you rather have a pretty face or a pretty heart.”

“Pretty face. Kalau tak macamana nak kahwin?”

Mama looked like she was about to say how pretty heart lagi penting for kahwin but I think she knew that there was no point so she just sighed hahahahahahahaha.

Daily Diaries

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Still single Asna

So I brought Asna to her favorite makan place in our neighborhood when she came home a few weeks ago.

There was hardly any patrons there so late in the afternoon, except couples.

After we sat down, I said to her:

“If you were still high schooling in Bukit Jelutong, this will be the place you go on dates.”

Suddenly she was like… shy.

“I’m still single, by the way.”

LOLOLO this was coming out of nowhere!

“What do you mean still single? Are you not supposed to be single?”

Then we spoke about the boys at school.

This time she comes home, I asked her the question in front of Mama.

“So are you still single?”


Mama joined the conversation.

“Why would you not be single?! Tak payah ada boyfriend lah, boys are gross!”

Then Asna argued:

“Tapi when Mama was at MRSM, Mama yang cari.”

A thing Mama did when we first sent Asna to boarding school was to scan the kids at school to see if there were any good looking ones yang boleh buat calon menantu LOLOLOL. Asna quoted what Mama said:

“Siapa boleh jadi calon Asna?”

Asna reminded Mama of what she said again.

“Jadi macam Cikyong, cari dekat sekolah.”

Which is true. I remember Mama thinking of the possibility that Asna could end up finding a good partner in school like I did that in the car while we were touring the school. This was even repeated during dinner conversations later.

As time progressed, if Asna mentioned of any boys she asked if he’s good looking, his grades and rank in the batch, where he lives etc. and advised her what to look for.

Now, “Boys are gross!” pulak.

Walau apapun I know Asna will have a hard time being not single if it doesn’t meet Mama’s requirements hohoho.

OMG can you believe I just wrote about Asna and her single status like it’s even something!



I was driving home and slowed down at one of the major roundabouts at Bukit Jelutong. The car beside me also slowed down and after that the window of the passenger seat of the car was wound down.

From a glimpse, I can see a makcik bertudung besar in large glasses and big sleeves, sticking her head out of the window, shouting at me with wild hand gestures I didn’t clearly see. Macam nak cari gaduh.

So I thought:

“Apa pulak ni…”

It was only when the car took over me that I saw who it really was.

It was Asna, who was returning home for her long break, wearing her wide MRSM tudung bawal and baggy uniform and large round-framed eyeglasses accentuating her round face, shouting from the car to get my attention -_-

Sigh. How makcik you have grown.

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