Credits on hold

Before I left Asna’s room, she said to me:

“About the Robux, I think I’ll put in on hold.”

“What’s Robux? I thought the online game’s called Roblox.”

“Roblox is the game, Robux is the currency.”

“Oh. Why put on hold?”

“My friend bought the credits using her father’s credit card recently, but she didn’t get the credits although he was charged. I think I shouldn’t get it now, to avoid the risk of losing money.”


“To avoid risk of losing money” lol. I have no idea where she learns to speak like that.


Still not over credits

I called her after she got her cert.

“So how do you feel?”

“I’m jubilant!!! … so can I get the credits now?”



“Asna, think harder of what your really want from me. You can get credits from NyahMan.”

“What about a bag?”

“Think harder.”

The conversation ended there.

My brother texted me later and since he was hanging out with Asna, I asked how she was doing.

“She says knows she has to prepare for what’s next.”

Then he said:

“WTF you told her I can buy her RM100 credits?!”



Asna’s UPSR and PSRA results

“Why do you want to get straight As?”

“Everyone here got straight As for their UPSR. I must make Mama and Babah proud.”

So this year, I realized how seriously Asna is taking her studies. Continue Reading


My affair with Netflix

I started subscribing to Netflix in Japan, although haven’t been watching any TV series religiously for the past 5 years.

The last TV series I used to watch took much of my time and energy e.g. Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t know why I put myself through it. Along the way, I decided to stop watching series that are seasons long in an effort to spend more time on what I thought were productive pursuits. After that, watching series was almost impossible, I was too tied with other things that I could’t possibly commit to watching anything.


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Asna and tudung

Since she can talk a lot when it comes to religion, I asked Asna:

“Kenapa you pakai tudung kat sekolah, but tak pakai on other days?”

Because of peer pressure, Asna started covering up at school in her 3rd year. At one point, she was into it that she started covering up even on weekends, when she was out. Recently though, she started to take off tudung on weekends again, only wearing her Naelofar scarves on occasions like tahlil and jamuan perkahwinan.

Considering she is a model student in religious school, I asked.

“Kenapa you pakai tudung kat sekolah, but tak pakai on other days?”

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Life in Tokyo The MBA Diary

Global tastebuds

Chatted with Bibik about the weird stuff we think people in other parts of the world eat and I shared with her my experience in Tokyo.

The beauty of being in a global environment and frequently having meals with the international crowd was learning about the things people all over the world eat. We took turns bringing classmates to restaurants serving our country’s dishes to let them have a piece of what we regularly have at home  e.g. us Malaysian have organized “Malaysian Nights” at different restaurants in Tokyo and let them try national dishes (with constant favorites being nasi lemak and teh tarik). Continue Reading