Bags and Shoes

Why I stopped wearing heels

I used to wear heels a lot, but as of late, have given up on them because they hurt too much. I only learned why recently.

When it comes to wearing grown-up shoes, I was an early bloomer. Blame Spice Girls. When my school classmates were wearing sandals to UPSR crash course classes at night… I was already in heels . As I was growing up, I used what’s left of my allowance to buy more high heels when I hit the malls — different types, in different colors. Before I knew it, I had 25 fancy pairs of them by the time I went to college.

See, I was accustomed to wearing them. I was happily walking and running in them. No problem!

That all changed with time. Slowly, I felt less comfortable wearing heels. Sometimes they hurt. Continue Reading

Discovering Hokkaido

Winter attractions in Furano

Furano is a city somewhere in the middle of Hokkaido. Since it’s centrally located on higher grounds, it has a cooler inland temperature than the previous places that I’ve visited in Hokkaido. Snow was thicker here, so cold that I…

Pastimes Singing

My vocal lesson #2: Warmup sesh

This session was all about getting warmed up for singing. Just like any other activity that requires the use of the body, good singing is dependent on a good state of mind and body. Janice began the lesson by…

Kitchen Diaries

Making herb baked eggs

Some of the easiest breakfast that I’ve made in the morning include eggs fried and garnished with Italian herbs, then topped with melted cheddar cheese and sandwiched between buttered toast breads. Last weekend, I took a step further and used all the…

Pastimes Singing

My vocal lesson #1

So I began my 1st vocal lesson at The Life Academy. The 1st stage involves 8 lessons, an hour each with the vocal teacher, Janice Yap. Met Janice for the first time at the Batman Cave (the name of the…


Tsundere Asna

We were breaking fast on the last few days of Ramadhan. The rest had gone up, so it was only us siblings at the table. Asna was blabbing about random things until I reminded her about the thing she still…

Discovering Hokkaido

Discovering Food in Furano

Furano is a city in the middle of Hokkaido, famous for its ski resorts, organic produce and lavender fields. It’s rather cold here, probably because of its location up in the hills. Because people all over the world come (in…

Glitter Wallpaper

The things people ask during raya

This time of the year reminds me of an incident that happened last year, during the BBQ that we had at my Atuk’s place. An elder relative who came to visit, who barely spoke to me before, touched my…


Feminine Asna

Asna has become… more feminine these days. Growing up, she was, for a couple of years, interested in dresses, heels and makeup, wearing them and pretending she was a princess. As soon as she got older, she spent more…

Family & Friends

A silk scarf for Mama

I thought of getting Mama something for some time already. Offered her another pair French Sole flats for her birthday more than a month ago and she declined, saying she has too many. Offered her lunch at a Japanese…

Asna Bags and Shoes Wardrobe

The grey Miu Miu tote

Not too long ago, I brought a Miu Miu bag home, from Tokyo. It’s in a very subtle shade of grey, complemented with gold hardware, the combo I love. Asna saw it and got very excited. “OMG! What bag…

Pastimes Singing

Learning how to (properly) sing

I like to sing. It’s in my blood – I grew up in a household passionate of singing. Growing up, I was always participating where singing was involved. My earliest memory of going to a stage was when I…


Getting rid of a wisdom tooth II

I had an appointment with the Klinik Pergigian Fauziah last Friday — to take out another wisdom tooth. The last time I did it, I had to undergo a surgery that took 45 minutes. Little did I know that…