Mudah terhibur Asna

Asna was back. She comes back every weekend. “Kids these days”, Reza says every now and then, as he shakes his head.

We were having a meal on the dining table.

Asna told us she joined the Girl Scounts as her badan beruniform at new school. We asked her why she switch since she was part of the Red Cross (PBSM) in her last.

Man said to her:

“Asna, you’re still part of PBSM!”

Asna was like:


Then he said:

“Persatuan Balik Setiap Minggu!”

Everyone was like:


I told Asna to laugh because somebody needed to support his lame jokes 🙄

Suddenly she burst into genuine laughter.

“That’s a good one!”

Then she gave him a high five.

Damn. Terlalu mudah terhibur.


Asna’s new pastime

Among Asna’s highlight of going to boarding school is doing laundry on her own.

Before she left, Mama taught her how to wash clothes with hands, but she never did it on her own, without supervision.

So now that’s she’s in charge of her own clothes, she has to.

She seemed so proud about it. When we asked how school was in her earlier weeks, she would on and on talk about washing clothes with her hands.

“How do you wash clothes?”

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Asna’s in boarding school

Asna’s gone to boarding school for a while now. After months of waiting, the result came out. Everything was prepared and packed for her before she even got the offer ?

When I asked her if she was ready to go:

“Yes, it’s for the best. It’s for my future.”

She had to add…

“That’s what Mama says.”

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My 16th anniversary surprise

He was away, so there was no arrangement for celebrating the anniversary. However, I came home to this gorgeous bouquet and a box of truffles, delivered in the morning. No wonder he was being super tolerant, patient and kind days leading to this — he made sure everything was smooth and got the surprise sorted out.

Apart from that, oh my god the roses are so dreamlike that I had to pinch them to see they were alive. I put them in a tall clear glass filled with water so they will last a little longer. Now the room smells like roses ❤️


Lame Asna

Mama was telling Asna, if you don’t understand something, ask.

“A-S-K,” she spelled it out for her.

Asna, playing with slime, was half-processing what Mama said.

“A-S-K,” she echoed Mama.

Thinking out loud, Asna said:

“Hmm. A-S-K. What is A-S-K?”

She thought about it for a while and later blurted out:

“Asna Suka Kicap!”

Mama was like:


She looked at me, not knowing how to respond. So I said:

“Just laugh, Mama. She’s trying to be funny.”

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My Diesel 0857R

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