Family & Friends

My siblings and Pokemon Go

So Malaysians could finally play Pokemon Go over the weekend. My siblings were thrilled, too. As soon as I could, I shared all the tips and tricks that I had picked from playing for 2 weeks. With Man it’s like, “Oh ye ke?”, with Asna it’s like, “I know, the gamer  _________ said so on Youtube”. LOL and we thought Man is the otaku of the house!

So both Man and Asna were walking around the house to catch Pokemons. Man caught Charmander right when he started, but Asna, knowing that the only way to get Pikachu was to avoid Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, kept on ignoring the 3 Pokemons, hoping that Pikachu would appear soon. She walked around for 15 minutes or so, but Pikachu was nowhere to be seen, so she gave up and caught Charmander, too. Reza said for the whole day that day, that’s all they do, walk from one end of the house to another to search for Pokemon (little did they know that’s not how it works). Mama was bothered by this on the first night and when Asna uploaded a picture on Instagram mentioning she’s playing Pokemon Go, Mama trolled, commenting it’s haram, especially for pupils like her (UPSR sooon!) 😆

So I found out that there aren’t that many Pokestops at Bukit Jelutong, what more Pokemons 😥 If there’s anything we can find around the house, it’s Zubat, specifically located inside Man’s room that he rants about it to me on Whatsapp almost daily. Although he made efforts to clean his room these days, maybe he should try harder.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.51.22 PM.png

He also invited me to lepak at his office because it’s connected to a Pokegym and a couple of Pokestops.

Oh wells, good thing I commute to the city for work. So many Pokestops and Pokemons in the city, I heard that it sounds even more lively than in Tokyo and to think of all the kilometers that I could cash in while Reza drives in the morning <3


Reminders by Asna

So I found out there was a Lickitung some 100 meters from where I live, this one night. I excused myself from the Skype call with Reza and ran to the spot near the park.

When I reached the area, there were a couple of different group of boys standing at one spot, looking at their phones. That must be it 😆 On the way back, I saw girls who had just parked their cars beside the road, shouting “Muri da!”, knowing that they wouldn’t be able to reach the Lickitung on time. Ont he way back, I caught a few more, including a super rebellious Charmander. I was proud to go back to my apartment catching 5 high-CP Pokemons (except Magikarp :|) in one short trip!

I resumed my Skype call, at the same time texted Asna about it since she had just texted me to ask about my strongest Pokemons at the time (Pokemon Go was not out in Malaysia until the weekend, so she could only berangan then).

Asna Nagging Pokemon

LOL. Why is it me who needs reminding by a 12-year-old?!

Style Diaries

My Milly Sophia dress


So there’s a print from Milly that I like more than a year ago, a(nother) multicolor floral print dress. It was completely sold out online. Well, at least my size was. When I went to Dubai last year, I saw the print a Milly store – it was as gorgeous in in real life as it was on my Macbook. The dresses have all sold out, so they only had the print on skirts. At the price point of $150 at the time (even during sale), I’d rather get a dress, specifically the shift dress that I saw online.

So I looked this up on eBay and there were a couple of pieces of Milly dresses in this print, but the one available in my size was a strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline and full short skirt, which I thought was a little too flirty. Continue Reading

Life in Tokyo

Go Pokemon Go

What’s up? Pokemon Go is up.

So. A little bit of background. I grew up playing Pokemon on Man’s Nintendo Gameboy, but started doing so seriously when we figured out how to play the game on our PCs. After school we went to a Chinese store somewhere at Pudu to get Pokemon figurines for RM2.50 almost every day (back then it seemed like a huge amount of money lol) or went to the mall to buy Pokemon trading cards, both the boxed sets and the additional cards. We memorized the names of the Pokemon and sang the Pokemon song. Of course Man’s more extreme. He watched all the anime and bought the books. Later, he turunkan his ilmu to Asna (he often coached her).

When Pokemon Go hit Japan, I downloaded the app and started playing. Before I knew it, I became addicted. Tak pernah-pernah go running unless Reza ajak me to, but that morning, I felt the need to run. So put on my Onitsuka Tiger sneakers and ran 5KMs in the neighborhood, from the back to the front of Odaiba in search for Pokemon. Continue Reading


Asna’s black scarf

Asna posted a picture of herself wearing a black hijab on Instagram. She wears a scarf to tuition classes at night and it is always black! I sighed at the picture, finding myself googling for Neelofa’s colorful scarves because yo, you are too young to be wearing black hijab all the time!

Come to think of it, Mama did say that she’s buying and wearing more black clothes because of me. Then I remember her telling me:

“I want to be like you, Cikyong. You are my idol!”


As I was searching for colorful pastel scarves, I called Mama to ask for opinions about the colors that I should get Asna. I told her that I was bothered by Asna’s choice of hijab color and offered to get hew new ones.

Mama cakap she already offered Asna all of her scarves and told her to pick other colors:

“Tapi dia nak yang hitam jugak!”

Then she told me more disturbing news:

“Bukan tu je, on top of the black scarf, dia pakai cekak kucing.”

“Cekak kucing?”

“Headband yang ada telinga kucing tu!”

“Hah? To class?”

“Yeeeee!!! Tak ke lawak??? Dia cakap ok je.”

I can imagine my mum geleng kepala looking at Asna HAHAHAHAHA.


The MBA Diary

The BlueDogs concert


Recently, I went to my strategy professor’s gig in Shibuya. According to my Japanese classmates, this guy, Ken Kusunoki, is famous is his field. He’s written a best-selling book on strategy, gives talks and interviews (we’ve since his face on posters at Roppongi) and he’s also advisor to Uniqlo CEO. From his resume, one would imagine he’s super serious, a guy in a suit, but he’s the chillest professor ever, tall and buff (goes to gym often I reckon), wears jeans to class and a bassist and singer for his band, BLUEDOGS.

When he performs, he’d invite his students., so I went to his gig again over the weekend, located at Take Off7, a venue on the basement floor at the building just behind the H&M Shibuya. The kind of venues I saw on Japanese movies like Nana. Underground, dim lights, loud music. Only the crowd is so proper 😆 Anyway, proud to know a professor who’s so serious about work yet has passion on things like this.

You should have seen the band. They play the kind of rock songs the baby boomers appreciate and they’ve spent decades playing, so naturally, they were sick! Things I’ll cherish Tokyo by 🙂