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The BlueDogs concert


Recently, I went to my strategy professor’s gig in Shibuya. According to my Japanese classmates, this guy, Ken Kusunoki, is famous is his field. He’s written a best-selling book on strategy, gives talks and interviews (we’ve since his face on posters at Roppongi) and he’s also advisor to Uniqlo CEO. From his resume, one would imagine he’s super serious, a guy in a suit, but he’s the chillest professor ever, tall and buff (goes to gym often I reckon), wears jeans to class and a bassist and singer for his band, BLUEDOGS.

When he performs, he’d invite his students., so I went to his gig again over the weekend, located at Take Off7, a venue on the basement floor at the building just behind the H&M Shibuya. The kind of venues I saw on Japanese movies like Nana. Underground, dim lights, loud music. Only the crowd is so proper 😆 Anyway, proud to know a professor who’s so serious about work yet has passion on things like this.

You should have seen the band. They play the kind of rock songs the baby boomers appreciate and they’ve spent decades playing, so naturally, they were sick! Things I’ll cherish Tokyo by 🙂


Asna’s tutor

So my commencement is coming up. I told everyone at home that I leave it up to them, whether they are coming or not. Reza wants to come.

But there’s Asna, who will be having her UPSR just days after the commencement. Reza’s been tutoring her for the past few months and is now her preferred tutor in the house, so she will likely need his help before the exams. He was wondering whether he should look after her at home instead of coming to Tokyo for my commencement.

So I called Asna and asked her:

“Are you okay with him going to Tokyo for my commencement or would you rather have him tutor you at home instead?”


“It’s up to him, really.”


“I normally biar my perasaan decide, but not this time.”

Reza said she would probably be happier that nobody’s on her back. What she doesn’t foresee is that the other more garang teachers at home will take over when he’s gone 😆

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My commencement dress

DvF Julita

Classes are ending soon and I will be completing my MBA next month.

What gets me excited? Commencement day. Just because I’ll officially be an MBA graduate and it gives me a reason to get a new black dress. After scrolling through hundreds of dresses and going back and forth the stores that carry DvF, I’ve found the dress to wear on the commencement day. It should arrive soon.

Style Diaries

My Milly delaney dress


Although I’m always wearing monochromatic colors for day wear, my dresses have consistently been colorful. Here’s another Milly dress (she makes the most exciting prints IMO) that I was eyeing on because of the print — it’s like a burst of fireworks! Continue Reading

Life in Tokyo

The meaning of service


Went to the optical store at the Palace Side Building during lunch break to get new contact lenses. When I entered the store, the staff at the store were so enthusiastic when they greeted me. The SAs in Japan are generally enthusiastic to serve customers but since I was a foreigner visiting a store at a commercial building in a business district mostly visited by the locals, of course, they were extra excited.

The people at the store spoke basic English and tried their best to converse with me, but when they couldn’t they just belasah talk in Japanese probs hoping I would understand.

I asked for the Air Optix contact lenses that I usually wear, but they just ran out of it. So he handed me a sheet showing the contact lenses that they currently had at hand, that I could try. I gave him my prescription and he looked for the lenses at the back of the store.

Soon, he came out and handed me 2 boxes of the Bausch & Lomb Medalist. I told him, just take one out of each so that I could wear them now.

Then he led me to the back, so that I could sanitize my hands and wear the lenses in front of the mirror. He handed me a pair of the lenses, I assumed from the boxes.

When I was ready to pay, he handed me the 2 boxes he showed me earlier, unopened. Ohh so at the back just now, he gave me a complimentary pair. Nice. As I was about to take out my wallet, he offered me another pair. When I actually paid, he went to the back again and handed me another pair 😆 Continue Reading

Life in Tokyo

Fasting in Tokyo

How’s puasa like here?

It starts at approximately 2.30AM and ends at 7.10PM. I sahur past midnight, wake up and then go to school. After class, I go back home, masak, buka, terawikh (they have daily terawikh and buka at Camii Mosque in Shibuya, I heard, but it’s too far away from where I am for me to go). Fasting here doesn’t feel much different from another day actually. What’s interesting though, is the reaction that I get from people when I told them I’m fasting. Continue Reading