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Ferragamo scarves

I thought of getting Mama a scarf for raya. Instead of just buying her something, I figured I should ask if she was planning on getting anything in particular (if it were up to me, I’d probably end up getting her something in the shade of grey). She said she was looking for a Ferragamo scarf and I offered to get one for her.

So I did, I bought it here.

When the red box arrived today, I was awed with what was inside. The times I briefly admired the scarves in the store, I didn’t actually think that I would want one, but now I really do. Of course, I need to earn it by achieving something.

Man, I’m really aging.

Ferragamo Scarf I

… for the time being, Mama says we can share the scarf 😆

Style Diaries

My Diesel skinny jeans


So I’m doing this major wardrobe overhaul and the process involves replacing my worn out jeans. Earlier, I found just the perfect jeans for me, the Diesel super skinny and decided that I shall only wear them now. For the sake of consistency.

I bought some pairs at the Diesel stores here in Tokyo (read post here), only once I was sure that the jeans at Diesel are consistent in size, shopped for them online.

It’s not easy to find the latest designs in my size on eBay, but just my luck, the Diesel online store in the US was having a sale, followed by the online stores in UK like Selfridges and House of Fraser at up to 50% off retail. I mentally banged my head on the wall when I realized the premium I paid for paying retail in Tokyo, where everything is marked up so high, too, compared to shopping online. So I got more (than I initially planned).

Happy with my jeans lineup. Different shades of blue, some clean while some ripped, for different functions.

Check out Diesel here.


Cycling at Yeouido Park


Yeouido is an island located on the Han River of Seoul that’s referred to as the Manhattan of Seoul. It’s one of the major business districts in the city. At the center of Yeouido, is its very own Central Park, the Yeouido Park, a long stretch of greens located between the shiny skyscrapers of the biggest corporations in Seoul. I only knew all this after I arrived and looked it up. Explains the sense of familiarity.

So what’s the deal with the park? We were there to cycle in the park together, under the scorching sun 😆 Continue Reading

Kitchen Diaries New York

Making ramen with mushroom broth

Here’s something strange for someone who’s so into Japan — I’ve never had ramen throughout my travels, despite the increasing availability of halal ramen.

I only had ramen when I was in New York! I had just arrived to New York after my course, met up with Amanda and headed to the house of Kristin (probs the warmest Malaysian you’ll find in New York) at Hell’s Kitchen.

We went out and explored the neighborhood for food. Hell’s Kitchen is a district filled with eateries from everywhere around the world. They asked me what I wanted to have, I told them Japanese. Amanda’s face was like, WTF seriously?!

Sooo they brought me to Totto Ramen, because there’s a vegetarian ramen that knew I could have. That’s exactly what I ordered. I seriously wasn’t expecting anything much from the ramen. The dish that arrived looked good though. It was a big bowl of ramen with almost clear broth, topped with avocado, cabbage, cauliflower, capsicum and mushrooms. They also gave me lemon on the side.

Then… one spoon of the spicy mushroom broth ramen and my impression on ramen complete changed. SEDAP GILA. Continue Reading

Style Diaries

My Belvedere


I fell in love with the Belvedere when I first laid eye on it at the KLCC store, many years ago. I loved its semi-structured shape, polished look and its chained handle. Continue Reading