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The Milly Graffiti Flowers Dress

Milly Graffiti Flowers

There’s this Milly dress that I was after. Like my other Milly dresses, its a knee-length sleeveless dress with a colorful print on top of a dark base. Like my other Milly dresses, the name of the print doesn’t make sense, it’s called “Graffiti Flowers”. I wanted the dress and waited for it to go on sale because I can’t fork out $375 for it. By the time it was on sale, though, I missed out! Continue Reading


Asna turns 11

On Asna’s birthday I ordered a huge ass teddy bear for her as per our agreement. Think it’s still on the way. Reza surprised her with a triple-scoop sundae with candles and balloons. He called me on Skype after…

Life Life in Tokyo

Story of a knife

I brought a knife to school. I packed mandarin oranges and kiwi to eat at the cafeteria during lunch. So it made sense to bring the stainless steel knife I bought from Nitori so that I can easily cut them and…

Dubai Supercar Taxis
Discovering Dubai

Meet Dubai’s supercars

Among the earliest impressions that I have of Dubai is the many big and shiny cars on the road. The memes we see on the internet showing the wealth of the Emiratis is real, guys. They really do have…

The MBA Diary

Visiting Pasona

So to continue with the zemi’s company visits, Fujikawa brought us to Pasona. From what I can gather online, Pasona is a recruiting firm, the kind that help companies match jobs to the right people. Like our last company visit,…

The MBA Diary


We sort of decided that this year’s theme for the Fujikawa zemi’s company visits will revolve around companies with progressive workplace environments that foster innovation. So. Yoshi Fujikawa, my professor slash zemi advisor arranged a trip to SIGMAXYZ for us…

Life in Tokyo

The surprise grocery order

Somewhere last month, I was running low on rice and fish. My 1st stipend ever wasn’t coming anytime soon at the time (it’s usual that the stipend comes later), so I couldn’t shop for grocery items because I had…

Life in Tokyo The MBA Diary

Learning how to make osechi

One of the things that I planned on doing in Tokyo, is to go for a session of Japanese cooking class. I did just that over the weekend! Currently, my school offers a Japanese Culture Class that runs for 6…

Life in Tokyo

Relatively expensive sushi

Explored Ginza on a Sunday, after meeting Reza’s senpai during his undergraduate there. Instead of looking at clothes, I was crossing roads, looking for food. Got too hungry so I went to the top floor of Matsuya Ginza, where…

Discovering Dubai

Staying at Manzil Downtown in Dubai

In Dubai, I stayed at Manzil Downtown, a mid-rise high end boutique hotel with an Arabesque design that’s strategically located at Downtown Dubai. The hotel has good reviews on TripAdvisor, but the thing that made me look forward to this…

Life in Tokyo Love

Heating machines

When I first arrived in Japan, the weather was pleasant. I opened up my sliding door 24/7 because it’s like so dingin. I used to cover myself with the futon and it was comfortable. I had plenty of good sleep.…

The MBA Diary

Multicultural dimensions

The other day we were working on a skit for the Organizational Behavior class. The topic we chose to cover was Multicultural Dimensions. We were planning on explaining the cultural differences between the more individualistic French and the more…


Asna and body sizes

On Skype with Reza this weekend, when Asna came into the room and hijacked his iMac once again. Before I left for Tokyo, we noticed how much she had grown. She learned how to use the measuring tape and…


Good presents to give according to Asna

We’re on the phone. I sent Asna pictures of the fluffy kitten and puppy that I saw at a pet shop in Shibuya. Her reaction, as expected: “KAWAII!” So I told her about the kittens and the puppies I saw.…