Lightning for LV

Lightning for LV

I was walking around Omotesando when the ad on the digital screen that I passed by struck me. Here’s a girl in I presume in cosplay, carrying a bag which had what seemed like the LV logo. Confirming that it was indeed an LV ad was its logo, placed at the top of the ad, “LOUIS VUITTON”. At first glance, the model was a Japanese face I wasn’t completely familiar with. Maybe I’ve seen her before, but where?! It bothered me, that I made a turn to inspect the ad up close. Is this person even real? Maybe she’s had much plastic surgery like XiaXue 😆

Judging by the details, I concluded that she’s a virtual persona, but didn’t know who. So I posted pictures on the ad on Facebook hoping someone would ID her (where else).

Shortly, I got my answer. It’s Lightning, the character on Final Fantasy, a game that both my siblings play!

After looking it up on Google, I learned that she’s now the spokesperson of LV, not just for Japan :O It’s also been awhile since this happened, tells you how out of date I am.

That night I called Asna. Continue Reading

Beauty Diaries



I was walking around Mitsukoshi, a department store at Ginza when the SA offered me a spritz of this new fragrance, Valentino Donna. I loved the crystal-like bottle at first sight, but the thing that really won me over was the scent. Its like the scent of cotton candy and flowers (reminds me of the fragrance that’s always on my shelf, Versace Bright Crystal), yet evokes the image of a feminine and sophisticated lady (reminds me of the fragrance that’s also always on my shelf, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle). I asked the SA to spray some of Donna on the pearl pink Valentino scent card, placed it into the pocket of my coat and went home to think about it. Continue Reading

New York

Exploring Grand Central Terminal


All of us were heading to Yale that day. Xiao Chen was leaving earlier than us, having agreed to travel together with some group of people. She asked us to tag with her to the Grand Central Terminal.

“Let’s go to Grand Central Station and pretend we’re Serena.”

The Gossip Girl references were endless 😆

So we went there together from Times Square, walking on the same 42nd Street to reach the Grand Central Terminal. Continue Reading

Life in Tokyo Style Diaries

Shopping for office attires in Tokyo


Before I left for Tokyo, I threw away some of suits I own with the thought of getting new ones in the city. I thought that I’d have better options and it’s likely that the stores there would have more of my size. Some time after I arrived, I went from store to store looking for office attires. Continue Reading

Daily Diaries The MBA Diary

Helping the homeless


I was at the center Jimbocho, walking back to school after having lunch at Bagel & Bagel. Before I reached the pedestrian crossing, I passed by a man selling The Big Issue. I stopped for a while, went a few steps back and told him that I wanted one copy.


I handed him coins and he handed me the magazine.

“Arigatou gozaimasu!”

I thanked him and walked away. As I reached the pedestrian crossing, I looked back and saw him storing the money inside a container. Continue Reading

Kitchen Diaries

Making grilled breakfast


Satisfying brunch for those who don’t want to try too hard. That’s what I call this. It started with one of those days, where I wish I could be transported to the hip cafes back home to eat wholesome brunch consisting grilled vegetables and eggs. Then I thought, I’ve made this before, why not do it now?

So went to the supermarket, got the ingredients and start grilling away. This is roughly my brunch for the past few weekends. Continue Reading