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Wifi in Tokyo!

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Discovering Hakone

Climbing up Mt. Komagatake


Climbed up Mt. Komagatake to get to the summit after cruising Lake Ashi. No hikihg involved (obviously). The ropeway we got on was a 7-minute ride, climbing close to 1500 meters. I thought the landscape while cruising the lake was gorgeous, but getting a view from the top is even better! Continue Reading


Shiseido Luminoforce

I’m rather selective when it comes to the things I put on my bathroom counter. The range of products in Tokyo is different from home, so shopping for body and bath has been challenging. So recently I ran out of…

Discovering Hakone

Cruising Lake Ashi

Over the holidays, my family came to Tokyo to pay me a visit. Wanting to venture out of the city, we booked a day’s tour to Lake Ashi at Hakone, a crater lake known for the pirate cruise ships and its scenic…

Life in Tokyo The MBA Diary

Omotenashi at TGIF

On some Fridays, we have a TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) celebration in the evening, to mark yet another week of surviving Hitotsubashi. The TGIF is basically a drinking party, where the students gather at the lounge and have…

Bags and Shoes

My Onitsuka Tiger x Andrea Pompilio kicks

I’ve had my eyes on these Onitsuka Tiger x Andrea Pompilio shoes since I first arrived in Tokyo. It’s different from the usual Onitsuka Tiger sneakers and they look cool. The only thing was it’s almost ¥20,000, not at a price…

Kitchen Diaries

Making mutton curry

So you know that I don’t really cook masakan Malaysia. Bukan taknak, tapi nampak susah. Bila cuba buat, mostly tak jadi. Hence I’ve been cooking things that I thought were easy. But this one day, my Malaysian friends here…

Homescience Life in Tokyo

My room in Tokyo

About this time last year, we went to Tokyo and hung out at our friend’s place at Odaiba. It’s the Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC), residence halls built for graduate students and researchers who are studying here.…

Kitchen Diaries

Making herb baked eggs 2.0

Made herbed baked eggs on the broiler for brunch. Just because I had eggs, a bunch of coriander and cherry tomatoes in the fridge and I googled eggs coriander and cherry tomatoes to get ideas on what I should…


Problems with my glasses

I really want to recommend Reliance Optical at Telawi Bangsar and the dude who assisted me the whole time (I forgot his name but it started with an A). As a store they were fantastic in terms of range…

Kitchen Diaries

Making breakfast oats

Of the few things that I really miss doing, it’s preparing relatively grand breakfast. I mean, I cook here, but because the things sold at the supermarkets here are so different than back home and the appliances I have at…

Tomorrowland Chester Coat

My Tomorrowland chester coat

Brrr. It’s getting colder each day. I’ve moved from a single layer of clothing to multiple. I’ve been wearing the down puffer jacket that I bought a couple of years ago almost every day. Left my coats at home since…

Discovering Tokyo

Autumn leaves at Todai

Took a stroll at Todai to experience autumn there. I came here a couple of years ago with Reza (see it here). Figured how even more gorgeous the garden and pond would be during autumn — I was right!…

Life in Tokyo

Food restrictions

It’s not the first time for me to be a “minority”. Throughout my years at Monash, I was the minority. However, it’s the first time I’ve had to explain to people about my restrictions, especially when it concerns going out…


How economics changed my shopping habits

I’ve been giving the impression that I shop a lot, but I don’t. At least not in terms of frequency. I try to get the most out of the least. It’s not just about discounts, but it has to do…