Deciding on Seoul


I was asleep.

My phone rang at 1AM and I heard Reza’s voice.

“Babe, kita pegi Seoul nak tak?”


“I tengah discuss dengan Aizat now…”

Shit sleepy, I was. He was elaborating the super random proposal he had just made, but the only thing I remember after that is asking him to call me back in the morning.

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The MBA Diary

The opera dinner

We had an Auction Day last year, where faculty and students auctioned experiences to each other to raise funds for the school. I bid on only 3 things and spent JPY55,000 for them ūüė• A large amount, I think, although it’s nowhere the highest amount the students were spending. Recently, I claimed one of the things I won‚ÄĒ the opera dinner experience in Tokyo, auctioned by my finance professor, Tom Ito. 5 students won it.

We’re supposed to meet at Hitotsubashi at 5.50PM, but I missed the entourage and had to take a cab to the Hamamatsucho JR station, where it was located. It was the rush hour, so the ride was long and slow, although it was just a couple of kms away from where I was FML.

Anyway. I arrived at the scene late with sore feet, from commuting 1+ hour on heels, something my feet could no longer do.

Late. Late. Late.

But at least they had only begun when I arrived. Nodded to my classmates, they nod back to acknowledge.

So we’ve seen in the movies before. They go to a grand auditorium and see the opera, where men and ladies narrate stories on stage, singing dramatically. I’m not sure how else to articulate it. The same thing happened there at the restaurant, although slightly differently ¬†‚ÄĒ an opera dinner is where you have a 3-course candlelight dinner, accompanied by an opera show. It’s not as grand as the latter, but hey, in this setting you get to eat! Continue Reading

Life in Tokyo

The jishin

My sensei said if anything should ever happen in Tokyo, it’s the bay that’s going to feel it the most. The 5.6 magnitude earthquake on Monday shook Tokyo and I felt it.

Several earthquakes had happened since I arrived. Most of them were mild. Some shook the floor a bit, but lasted for 10 seconds or so.

On Monday though, it was on a different scale. Suddenly my desk was rattling, so was my laptop and everything else and the wall sounded like it was cracking. After 15 seconds went on, I called Reza and said to him:


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New York

Museums on 5th Avenue

Apart from living between beautiful brownstones that had doormen at the Upper East Side, I was also a couple of blocks away from the Museum Mile, a stretch along 5th Avenue that leads you to the best museums in New York.

So much to see, but I had so little time. Here are the museums that I had the chance to visit:

Museum of the City of New York

Museum of the City of New York is all about New York. It gives you a better understanding of different aspects of the city and lets you better appreciate its transformation over the centuries. The museum isn’t that big so it’s easy to explore and visit all the exhibitions.


The best exhibition to me was Timescapes, a screening of the history of New York, from its beginnings¬†to the present. This one’s a permanent exhibition, I think. It gives you the basic knowledge and lets you appreciate and understand the other exhibitions better. Continue Reading



On Skype, while having dinner, Reza suggested that we watch a movie. The night before we watched A Brilliant Young Mind, a movie about an autistic math prodigy who had trouble connecting with people until he met another girl on the way to the Olympiads.

He said since he picked a movie, that was, according to him, exciting last night, it was my turn to choose. Tapi he rejected all the movies I suggested :roll: So to cut things short, I let him choose.

With excitement, he suggested that we watch an independent sci-fi movie on time traveling, Primer. It’s his thing, so layan je la.

While still on Skype, we watched the movie on Youtube together. Usually we’d discuss the movie as it plays, but this time we muted each other¬†to hear the movie better since the volume was too low.

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New York

Exploring Columbia University


When Amanda left KL to pursue her postgrad studies, she told me, “Come visit!” and I then told her yeah, if I could. I didn’t think it could become a reality, but it did!¬†She’s based outside of New York, but was there every other weekend for her internship with the UN. Just my luck, she was around to show me around.

I think Amanda was most excited to bring me to a tour to her alma mater, Columbia University, a 250+ year-old university that’s located at Mornington Heights, in the Upper West Side. She picked me up from her friend, Kristin’s super cosy place at Hell’s Kitchen and led me to the university. Continue Reading