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Bringing volume to flat & dry hair

There’s not a lot that a girl can do with flat hair. Styling is a challenge and unless you’re using plenty of products, it’ll stay limp even after spending hours on it. If it’s super flat, you can’t even wear…

Discovering Bali

Exploring Pura Puseh Batuan

We explored Pura Puseh Batuan, a Balinese Hindu temple at Batubulan Village in Gianyar that’s strategically located on the maid road leading to Ubud. It’s not the most famous temple out there, but being close to 1000 years old, it’s…

Discovering Bali

Visiting Prapen Jewelry showroom and workshop

Prapen Jewelry is a silver production center in Gianyar, Bali, we were told. It’s owned by a Balinese family, generations of silversmiths in Bali. Long heritage kot. The road leading to the place was surrounded by a properly manicured garden, that…

Discovering Bali

Getting around in Bali with a private driver

Traveling in Bali, to us, was very relaxing, compared to the other cities we’ve visited. Sure, the main areas in Bali aren’t connected by public transportation, but it’s not a concern because traveling by car in Bali is very affordable! There…

Discovering Bali

The flight to Bali

We took the Malaysia Airlines flight to Bali. The flight was delayed due to heavy rain. I was slightly disappointed because it meant that we’d be losing some hours that could’ve been spent productively there, but then again, some…

Discovering Bali

Deciding on Bali

We went to Bali earlier this year. It’s the place that Bibik has been telling me to go because according to her, it’s the most beautiful place on earth. They way she describes Bali makes it sound like heaven. Every time…

Bags and Shoes

Letting go of a Bbag

So I sold the bag that I bought impulsively in Paris — the Balenciaga City in the striking color, Rouge Cardinal. When I saw the bag for the first time, I really thought it was the color I needed in…

Asna Family & Friends

Turning 28

It was just another day. Actually, the eve of my birthday. Still, I planned on treating it just like it was another day and told Reza that I wanted to just stay at home and do nothing over the…

Bags and Shoes Family & Friends Wardrobe

My Chanel boots

Mama knows that I’ve trouble looking for good walking shoes. Recently, while we were discussing about it, she told me to take out the Chanel box from the drawer and told me to try the boots again. “Nak? Mama…

Kitchen Diaries

Making Aglio Olio

Reza brought home Aglio Olio from Dome earlier this week, something he got from his workplace’s open house. He let me have it and man, it was so good. As we were having the dish, I told him we…

Bags and Shoes

Why I stopped wearing heels

I used to wear heels a lot, but as of late, have given up on them because they hurt too much. I only learned why recently. When it comes to wearing grown-up shoes, I was an early bloomer. Blame…

Discovering Hokkaido

Winter attractions in Furano

Furano is a city somewhere in the middle of Hokkaido. Since it’s centrally located on higher grounds, it has a cooler inland temperature than the previous places that I’ve visited in Hokkaido. Snow was thicker here, so cold that I…

Pastimes Singing

My vocal lesson #2: Warmup sesh

This session was all about getting warmed up for singing. Just like any other activity that requires the use of the body, good singing is dependent on a good state of mind and body. Janice began the lesson by…