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Stacey Lapidus braided silk & crystal headband

Stacey Lapidus Silk Braided Crystal Headband

Stacey Lapidus makes gorgeous braided headband. It’s made of Italian silk, embellished with strings of Swarovski crystals and has an elasticated back. A piece retails for $200. Seen on Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie and the ladies on Vivi Japan.

I saw the headband being sold online for less than half the price. Online boutiques in the US are able to give consumer lower prices (Tarte, Bijou, Shopbop, Swank etc.) because they get wholesale prices. From what I’ve learned, Stacey Lapidus’s official online store tries to sell the current collection and after maybe three months or so, the leftovers are sold to these boutiques at a lower price. Hence, prices may drop up to 50% or more.

The case is different in Japan or South Korea, though. On Rakuten, for instance, the double braided headband could fetch up to a thousand MYR.

I got a hold of the taupe headband pictured above for $80, possibly a piece from last season. Since new colors come in every season, I don’t think owning a last season item matters. It’s a bargain!

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