Dr. Asna

Just now, she saw the luka dekat my legs. Since I helped put a Hansaplast on her injury this evening, she thought she ought to help me, too.

“Oh no you’ve got a boo boo. Are you okay? Dont worry Cikyong, Ill help your boo boo.”

She then tried reaching the box on top of the tv.

“It’s too high”.

Then continued jumping jumping. I just sat and watched. Mama baru habis solat.

“Mama, Cikyong darah! Help!”

And so she dragged the dressing table’s chair yang berat gila to the tv. Climbed up. Took one and sealed it on my dry luka.

“There you go. It’s fixed. Is it okay?”

Then she said to herself.

“Good job, Dr. Asna!”

Haha. Fun fun.

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