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I like the waktu Subuh here because it’s more than your average windy. Good morning, Bukit Jelutong!

I haven’t been updating myself with current affairs, so just to check if my brother was worse than me, I asked him who Sarah Palin was that time we had chicken rice for lunch. He didn’t know. Probably feeling annoyed and always being one who refuses to lose, he asked me who Jack Bauer was.

Okay, for a moment I did feel challenged. Maybe some political figure I wasn’t not aware of?

He made an “I know better” face. Glory to him until he told me Jack Bauer is a character from 24 the TV series.

Which he learned of… after reading Crayon Shin Chan.


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  • Avatar
    Mahellah Omar
    July 26, 2016 at 10:51 AM

    Dear Mia,

    I am obviously so much older than you. But I really really enjoyed your writings. Especially this one. I literally rofl!!

    Dont stop writing ya. I just stumbled upon your blog. Why la I did noticed your blog earlier.

    Now on marathon reading from your earlier posts.

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