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The black Ferragamo bag

10:00AM when I received a wake up call by Mama, reminding me that the Ferragamo sale starts today. Do I want to tag along? Yes!

“OK. Get ready, see you at 12:00PM.”

The recent bags at the shop are now more affordable than those I’ve fondled and inspected while I was still there a year ago (they still exist tsk).

There was this black quilted suede and nappa leather shoulder bag, with braided handles that my mom liked. The last piece. The part-timers at the shop used to check out the same design in a different color a few times. But it was too pricey then, us students just had to wonder, “Who on earth would get it?”

“Do you want it?” I asked.

My mom wanted it, but thought that maybe she should decide later. Let’s say, after lunch? Always think after lunch. When you’re less hungry. When you’re a bit more sane.

But just before we headed out, there were two other ladies pointing toward the bag. They seemed to want it, too. You know what? Screw lunch.

My mom got the bag at an instant.

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