My 1st Japan trip: Arriving at Osaka

Since it’s my day off and I’ve figured out a way to compile the pictures, here goes. The Japan Trip. I’ll start off with Day 1 and blog about the rest later, bit by bit.

Sunday. We boarded a JAL airplane, served by Japanese flight attendants, real nice compared to MAS’s. I’ve always wondered why MAS is almost always awarded with best cabin crew award. The inflight shopping catalogue is a bit messy but quite interesting. They even sell mattresses (for queen beds) and reading lamps in flight (to be shipped to the buyer later, of course).


Saw sunrise when I woke up.


First thing after departure, ran for the aerotrain.

Then the three of us got ready at the airport, taking turns in between going to the loo and looking after our luggage. Then got on limousine bus to Universal Studios Japan. Cannot believe that we were in Osaka on our own!


We arrived at Universal Studios. Got to ride and watch all the main attractions including Spiderman, Terminator, Backdraft, Jaws and Back To The Future, but missed Peterpan’s show because it clashed with Waterworld. Jurassic Park because it was closed. The best attractions are probably Spiderman and Hollywood Dream. I would go there again. Definitely!

>Nearby the exit was Osaka’s Hard Rock Cafe. Got myself a grey tee and a “I’m a Rock Star” shirt for Asna. That’s it. By about 5pm we left Universal City Station for Fukushima.

Looking for our hostel, JHoppers, was easy. It’s located near the station, near this place yang ada real small restaurants where the roads are made of bricks. We checked in, room on the fifth floor, takde elevator. Crazy, kena angkut bags berat up to the 5th floor. Dah lah tangga steep gila.

Rest sekejap, ate some and changed clothes. Aishah’s sambal ikan bilis was super sedap. We skipped the HEP Five plan because we were to tired. Straight to Umeda Sky Building!


Went up to 41st floor. The elevator was scary. If you get to the 44th floor of the Twin Towers takda la rasa kecut perut, but this, the elevator at the side of the building had glass walls — when it goes up I could see Osaka. It was scary to be inside it and be lifted up at such a speed. Then we had to go through the glass-walled escalator to get to the observatory.

The floor above we got to see the skyline of Osaka. Glass walls. Very nice. There were cards for us to fill so our dreams will “reach the milky way”. We filled in, submitted the cards and went a level above.

There was a view of Osaka, without walls to protect us from the wind. Viewing Osaka from rails. The wind was blowing quite strongly, skirt memang terbang lah. The view was awesome! The center of the observatory dah lah kosong, that place is like a square donut with a circle center (see picture).

We headed back to the hostel later, followed by a small dinner. I had Van Houten Cocoa. Charged gadgets and slept.

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    schazwany hameed
    July 15, 2009 at 12:59 AM

    gilaaa best korang!! =)

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