My 1st Japan trip: Exploring Kyoto


We boarded a train to Kyoto. Took about 2 1/2 hours. Met Zarina, Aishah’s former classmate.


We then bought a 1-day bus pass and headed to our first destination, Kiyomizudera. The bus stopped at Yasaka-dori. We had to walk through this gorgeous walkway heading up to the temple. The path was filled with small shops selling omiyage (souvenirs), food and restaurants.

Kiyomizudera is one of UN’s world heritage sites. Stepping on a temple that’s almost 400 years old felt amazing. We walked down, back to the road. Got omiyage for our family members. I got myself a cheap yukata.


Next stop, Kinkaku-ji. The Golden Pavilion. Took some time to get there. The temple’s made of real gold. I was in awe. The surrounding pathways were just so gorgeous. We weren’t allowed to go near Kinkaku-ji, so went round the area. It was, then, about time to catch the train.

Kyoto Station

Went to Kyoto station again. The station is just so awesome — it’s both a station and a mall (there’s a huge Isetan consisting Gucci and other high end stores). The architecture is amazing, too. We didn’t realize that earlier on because we were still groggy upon arrival, slept inside the train for an hour or two.

We had sushi at a kaiten sushi restaurant at the station. The sushi there were super fresh it’s amazing! I had 9 plates and tried those I hardly ate back home. We were late for our train, but managed to catch another anyway. The platform there is a lot nicer than the ones in Osaka.

I saw bullet trains passing by, which was amazing. I mean, when you frequently see these on video and then there it is in front of you, theres extra satisfaction in that. We also saw women who we thought were geisha. But then was told that they were Kabuki actors.

In 5 hours (I think), we reached a Yamanote line station (supposed to get down at Tokyo station, but found out that the station was nearer to Shinjuku). Yamanote line is the city loop line which circles Tokyo, stopping at major spots. Arrived at Shinjuku station, met up with Reza and then boarded a bus heading to Kofu.

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