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January 2010

  • Pastimes

    Miasuraya is now a dot com!

    Hello, hello! I hardly do announcements like these, but feel the need to do this. This is an impulse purchase – I’ve gotten this blog it’s own domain…

  • Asna

    Asna doesn’t like girlfriends

    I was on the way to the train station to pick Man up. Asna tagged along. We saw a Ribena truck. “Look, Asna, look!”, I said, while pointing…

  • Japan Travel diaries

    Japan Day 5

    The first agenda of Day 5 was visiting Tokyo Dome, a 55000-seat baseball stadium in Tokyo. It’s linked with Tokyo Dome City, a huge amusement park and LaQua…

  • Japan Travel diaries

    Japan Day 4

    I was going through old posts and realized that I didn’t blog about the Japan trip after Day 3! This may be old news, but I think I…

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