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Japan Day 4

I was going through old posts and realized that I didn’t blog about the Japan trip after Day 3! This may be old news, but I think I still should put this up so the whole trip is recorded here- who knows, I might induce a couple of people to go to Japan, too hehe. So here’s to getting things done. Day 4 of the trip 🙂

Be warned: This is a very long post.

We got up in the morning to catch a train to Tokyo. Before that all of us camwhored a bit in front of Reza’s apartment.

This is how tan I was after three days!

Before catching the train, we went shopping for souvenirs. The thing about Japan’s train stations is that they are linked to departmental stores and shopping malls. Just like Melbourne Central Station. We got our families cookies from Yamanashi.

Hanging out in front of the entrance to wait for the upcoming train.

This is the train station in Kofu. I think we slept almost throughout the 2-hour journey to Tokyo. We rode on a shinkansen (bullet train). A slow one, though.
Arrived at a refreshing sight. An advert with Mizushima Hiro! So good looking, tapi suami orang. Hmph!
Arashi in an advertisement!
We reached Ikebukuro, a place filled with high-rise buildings, and left our bags at our hotel, Sakura Hotel, because the check-in time was way later. We walked back to the Ikebukuro station and headed to Shinjuku via the Yamanote Line.

Notice the black van? If you’ve been watching the drama Change, you’d notice it’s similar to the ones they use to disseminate political messages. Like Malaysia’s “paper lama” men, only that they’re spreading messages instead of buying old newspaper.

I took the picture for the sake of remembering the experience, BUT, upon seeing this, Reza later told me that the black van is owned by a movement which wants to halau or get rid of gaijin (foreigners) away from Japan (read: us Malaysians). Yikes! And there I was, a gaijin, taking pictures of the van, while that man was probably cursing at me.

Also, I don’t have the picture to show, but I saw working men dressed for meeting smoking at one area near the Shinjuku station. The government does not allow people to smoke wherever they wish (I saw a poster in Kyoto banning smoking in certain roads to protect children from being victims of smoke and cigarette butts), so these men, being Japanese, were abiding the law and smoking at the designated area.

This is Shinjuku. The business district. Filled with high-rise offices. I loved walking there. It’s so serene and clean! I’d wake up early to go to work if my workplace needed me to walk through this daily.

Our first destination? The LOVE sculpture!

I was amazed. I saw this on Youtube and there I was! We camwhored like nobody’s business around the sculpture. 15 minutes after, we walked again to our next destination.

It’s the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building!

The building has two observation decks for visitors. One from each tower. Anybody can view Tokyo’s skyline for free- and that’s why we were heading there. The observation deck was quite big (probably bigger than Umeda Sky Building’s) and they were shops inside, selling different kinds of things.

 The view from the observation deck.

Asna was obsessed with this. I didn’t get it for her because it was pretty expensive. RM70 each!

And we continued walking again. Back to the Shinjuku station. To Harajuku!

This is Takeshita Dori. We went out of the Harajuku stations a bit shocked. In Shinjuku, everyone was dressed seriously. In suits and work attires. In Harajuku, it was the opposite! The first thing I saw was a group of girls with colorful hair and really thick makeup.

Harajuku is a place that one should really go to experience the craziness of Japanese fashion. I read that if we hang out there on Sundays, we’ll get the chance to see teenagers in Cosplays, dressing up like these.

I was too hungry, I had to get Fillet ‘O Fish. I thought it was halal, but Oiyour later told me that it’s not, because they don’t use pure vegetable oil (I think). Bummer!

We walked until the end of the road and walked toward Omotesando– the district of  high end fashion.

Along the way, I saw H&M, Forever 21 and Topshop.

They actually queue a long line to get in the two (or was it three?) storey shop. Tsk tsk.
The roads.
Topshop and Topman had really limited selections. It was almost empty!
We then walked along the roads and saw many many many stores. Ralph Lauren (the shop sangat cantik!), Chanel , Gucci, Tod’s and others. Also, Omotesando Hills, a mall dedicated to high end brands.
Look, look what I found!
Omotesando’s Dior. The building is so, so pretty!
And the bridge at the area where Nana (one of the lead characters of a manga which was adapted to a movie) met Takumi and got on his Merz before they spent the night together. I felt like I was visiting some historical place. Happy tak terkata!

We then visited Kiddyland. Land of toys. Toys for all ages! I still wish I bought a set of fat and glittery headphones that I saw! A must visit if you’re looking for a place to purchase something very fun, unique and Japanese.

And look another store I found, Omotesando’s Louis Vuitton! It’s a three-storey (or was it five? girls, please correct me) store.

So cantik! I HAD to take pictures in front of the store without shame hehehe. I think any foreigner would.
And then, we walked further Aoyama, to reach the reason, the main objective of going to Omotesando.
It’s f****** PRADA Aoyama!
So cool, kan? That’s the entrance. I’ve looked at it a few times in books and online, but seeing it live was just BREATHTAKING! Still not clear why it’s so cool? Check this out.

OMG I can view this for a long, long time and still be awed. Ladies and gents, that’s Prada.
We went in. I checked out the bags to compare prices (I’m Gen Y and I’m price sensitive hahaha) and we camwhored some more.
After that, almost half-dead, we walked to Shibuya.
Crossed the famous Shibuya crossing (full of people, It’s crazy!).
Took pictures with the Hachiko statue, while Aishah got a free hug from the Free Hugs people outside the Shibuya station. We had a cup of coffee at Starbucks, where I met a very nice lady who invited me to an Okinawan musical (which I had to decline) and introduced me to her friend. I still keep her business card.
We walked around Shibuya and shopped a bit. Went back to Ikebukuro, bought food from the konbini (24-hour mart), walked back to the hotel and slept after a super long day.

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    January 7, 2011 at 7:43 PM

    i love pop.n.steps give me more! daisy donald please i can come with you

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    January 7, 2011 at 8:45 PM

    No, you don’t eat sushi you cannot come with me.

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    August 20, 2011 at 10:20 PM

    i think that LOVE sculpture is in that GTO (great teacher onizuka).. love that drama -anne-

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    September 14, 2014 at 10:05 PM

    thanks for blogging lots of ur japan trip. me and my family will be heading there next march and i will be sure to read all ur japan posts by then, they’re so clear and helpful. tq for sharing ur experiences there.

    btw any thoughts on the japan rail pass and whether we should put kyoto in our list too, in addition to tokyo. our trip would be short, around 8 days. would u suggest cramming kyoto in our itinerary? tq mia!

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