Asna broke my designer headband

Exhibit 1: Stacey Lapidus crystal headband
Exhibit 2: BROKEN Stacey Lapidus crystal headband

I was awakened from a short nap by Asna, who showed me the condition of my beloved headband. I asked her who the offender was (obviously waiting for her to say “Sorry”- who else could it be?).

“An invisible baby did it”

Say what?

“An invisible baby did it”

There is no such thing as an “invisible baby”.

“But I saw it the baby in your room. The baby was shopping in your room and broke your headband”

She thinks I’m stupid or what?!

“Ok, I’ll tell you the truth. I did it. I broke your headband”

And she gave me a wide grin.

“It’s okay, maybe you can fix it with a glue?”

Another wide grin.

“Do you know how expensive this is?!”, I asked.

“I have coins in my Hello Kitty purse”

Now tell me, how should adults react when a six-year-old breaks their things and seem so nonchalant about it? Nevermind if the subject matter costs RM1 or RM500 (the headband cost me $70, in case you were wondering), I don’t think it’s right to give them the right to be so irresponsible and careless!

So I kept questioning her about what exactly happened. Given how she likes to make up stories, I thought that maybe that would be a waste of time. With the headache I was experiencing, I had no energy to explain about the damage she had done. I took the matter to my mum and got her to talk to Asna.

The call lasted around five minutes. Asna’s face and eyes were red by the time she hung up. If the call lasted longer, she would have cried.

“Okay, Cikyong. I’m sorry. Mama told me that she will give my toys to you, but no”

She “packed” all her toys up from my room and wanted to leave. I decided to torture her a little more.

“Asna, take this headband and FIX it. Ask Bibik how. You HAVE to fix this”

Although the headband is probably beyond repair.

My mum came home, reasoned with her a bit more and told me that she had to replace my broken headband with something else. After shouting several “NO!”, Asna gave in to my mum. My mum told me I could have her “Lovely Carrot”, so Asna put it in my room.

Ok, I did not know what Lovely Carrot was. I thought it must be something “magical” she really treasures, otherwise, why would my mum ask her to hand it to me?

Well, here’s what I got.

Exhibit 3: Lovely carrot. No, it’s NOT even a real bunny.

I thought your name was Fluffy, but I’m keeping you nonetheless. Asna has to pay!

But Asna’s not bothered about losing Lovely Carrot (the bunny she sleeps with) anymore. In the words of my mum, she’s got too many toys to be bothered by one.

HAHAHA. What now? Tak puas hati ni!

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  • Avatar
    March 24, 2010 at 6:08 PM

    OMG! asna..if ainaa did that..mmg i punch her u or i marah her gila2 until she cries..hahaha *kakak jahat*

    nway, you should take more than one toy! something that cost the same as your headband..child toys are expensive these days..hehe about 3 or 4 toys should do the trick ;p

  • Avatar
    March 24, 2010 at 7:24 PM

    Hehehe Asna! Good Job! hhehehe

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