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April 2010

  • Style Diaries

    My Chanel Earrings

    I’ve been very curious about the Chanel earrings ever since I saw them in Tokyo. They had different designs on display, some were really nice. But but but…

  • Japan Travel diaries

    Yokohama is gorgeous!

    In case you’re wondering, I’m being quarantined at home, while Asna is still in the hospital. I was given a box of Tamiflu yesterday, for me to take…

  • Asna

    Miss H1N1 positive

    This morning my family woke me up and told me that we’re going to the hospital. Asna and I have been sick ever since we returned from Beijing…

  • Style Diaries

    My new Ferragamo headband

    Pictures of me, wearing headbands in prehistoric years. I’ve LOVED headbands since I were a kid. I wore them to preschool and primary school often. Always following the…

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