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Akihabara, the electric town


Akihabara, the electric city. The manga city. The anime city. The gundam city. Whichever that suits you.

Main agenda: Knife-hunting. Aishah’s brother is a culinary student so all he asked for, before she left, were knives… We went to this duty-free (only if one spends above ¥10000) department store called Laox, selling different kinds of things and got ourselves knives and souvenirs there.

Then, had mutton curry and rice at this halal Indian restaurant a few hundred meters away.

This, with probably four or five pieces of mutton, plus rice cost me ¥980. Hmph.

Maybe this is a huge arcade.

Gamers’ haven, this place. Pachinko slots at every turn. Gundam of various types sold in many shops. Gadget, toys and cosplay costumes can be found. I saw kinky uniforms (sailormoon, maid, nurse pfft) being hung in front of this one shop. There was also a sign inviting people to go and check out what they’ve got underground. HAHAHA what else. Enter at your own risk.

No, we did not go in that shop.
It’s packed during the day and weekends, but shops close early at night.

That’s a maid cafe, up there.
Only at Akihabara!

You know what’s also cool? They sell Ultraman in vending machines. I think that’s a Kamen Rider drink, I’m not sure.

You know during breaks, we sometimes head to the vending machine to get drinks or a packet of Oreos. If they install this in Monash, I’d get to say, “I’m getting Ultraman”.
Random posters ont he way to the station.
Heading back.
The knife shopper.

These pictures are taken with Aishah’s 6-year-old SLR. Like scenes in a movie. I like them very much! So can we get a DSLR NOW??!!

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  • Avatar
    April 20, 2010 at 12:08 AM

    Kalau I tau ada jual Ultraman dekat vending machine, dah lama I kirim. Hehe!

  • Avatar
    April 20, 2010 at 10:40 PM

    Dah la ¥100 je haha! Tapi Ultraman tu macam kudung je…

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