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My new Ferragamo headband

HeadbandatSchoolPictures of me, wearing headbands in prehistoric years.

I’ve LOVED headbands since I were a kid. I wore them to preschool and primary school often. Always following the color code given by the school- either white, black or navy. All that changed in my first week in SAB (my high school). While lining up for the assembly, a prefect asked to remove my black, thin headband because it was NOT allowed in the school. At that time I find it very odd- what harm can a headband, something which is supposed to make hair look tidier, do?

So that’s how I forgot about headbands.

That’s until years ago, when I started working at Ferragamo KLCC part-time, during summer break. I saw this dark green headband- grosgrain ribbon with leather stitched onto it, a single Ferragamo gold plaque at the side. I don’t know how Ferragamo headbands do it, but they give their wearer a certain “air”. The green headband was sold shortly.

After that, I’ve bought more than 20 headbands from different designers. Even got myself a few from Ferragamo, but still couldn’t find the exact design I saw. Even if I did, knowing how Ferragamo headbands appreciate each season, I doubt I could afford it. I’m guessing it’d cost RM600 each!

Fortunate me, I saw IT three minutes before I boarded the plane back to KL, at Beijing International Airport.

Asna and I were hanging at this duty free cosmetics shop at the airport, going “Ooh” and “Aah” at how much cheaper cosmetics are in China without tax (like paying RM40 less on Chanel cosmetics). My mum then told us that we’ve to board the plane soon. I followed suit- until I saw a shop selling last season luxury goods, mostly from Ferragamo. Told my mum to go ahead and that I’d be there soon.

When I visit Ferragamo, the first thing I do is to look at the headbands and barrettes, so that was what I did. I saw this.


Matches my bedroom wall perfectly LOL.

OMG. Then I asked the SA how much it was. She took out a calculator.

“RMB420, after tax and discount”

Hmm. RMB420, if converted to RM is… Wait, RM210??!! Seriously, SERIOUSLY??!!

“How much is this, with tax?”


I think she only guessed, but given it’s true, only RM300 outside the airport, was she kidding me?

As I heard the PA system calling out for passengers to KL, I told the SA that I’d get it that instant. Gave her the money, while she took her sweet time punching the sale onto her cash register. Sometimes I think (mainland) Chinese don’t really know the meaning of urgency. She gave me my change, I took the headband, placed it in my handbag — no dustbag, no paperbag whatsoever and ran to my gate to board the plane.


With gold plaque. Although I wish it’s silver so I can match it with silver jewelry.

So on the plane, I showed it to my mum. Told her how much I “saved” (compared to buying one in KL), nevermind if it’s from the previous seasons. Her comment?

“Then, awak beli satu je ke?”

HAHAHA. I thought she was going to nag.

No I wouldn’t buy two at once, even if I had more RMB to spend. Ish.

Anyway welcome to the Ferragamo family, new headband 🙂


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  • Avatar
    April 20, 2010 at 6:26 PM

    love the colour and awesome price! enjoy wearing it 🙂 if ada bow on it will be even cuter!

    you are so like me. I’ve been wearing headbands, ribbons, clips, etc since I was small. Will never leave home without hair accessories.


  • Avatar
    aishah zain
    April 20, 2010 at 7:08 PM

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… u xcerite pun!!!!! n i know how crazy u r with headbands n bracelets.
    btw mama is funny la

  • Avatar
    April 21, 2010 at 11:52 AM

    i LOVEEEE headbands but the thing is i cant wear them ill get head ache. kesian kan 🙁 🙁

  • Avatar
    April 21, 2010 at 8:54 PM

    @Nazneen Thanks!!! High-five for more similarities!

    @Aishah SURPRISE!! Hehe. Itulah rasenye Mama dengar discount banyak, semua jalan.

    @Anna Alalala… Have you tried wearing softer, thinner ones?

  • Avatar
    November 11, 2010 at 2:34 AM

    How much is the
    BIG ferragamo headbands in SGD???
    Please email to me:

  • Avatar
    August 28, 2011 at 5:21 PM

    I wouldn’t know, sorry.

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