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Visiting the Imperial Palace

To the Imperial Palace, again! We stopped at Yurakucho (Yamanote line) from Harajuku and passed through Marunouchi- the gorgeous place filled with modern office buildings. Super posh. View not as pretty as natsu (summer) though. The trees were naked.

One square foot of the land here can buy up a single state elsewhere! My Tokyo book told me this.

The business district.

I’m not sure we walked about how many kilometers until we reached the palace park and arrived at this point (we didn’t reach here last year). AN ABSOLUTE GORGEOUS VIEW!!!

Home of the emperor and empress. It’s a lot bigger than pictured.

To indulge in this view was hard at the beginning, because it was frantically cold (colder than the the previous day or morning!) and the wind was blowing like mad that I had to look for shelter. Ok my shelter was only a guard post. No use because seemed like wind was blowing from every angle.

That’s me hiding. I don’t know how Aishah could stand it all and still jump.

Reza’s jacket. <3 it!
Part of Marunouchi.
All part of the palace.
Sakura, not yet bloomed 🙁
On tree that has bloomed!

While the rest were camwhoring beneath the tree, I hid near this vending machine because it was too cold. They sell vitamin water!

Okay, that’s it for now. There’s nothing much at the palace except for sightseeing. I guess if you read about the palace and what’s happening inside it, you’d feel some sort of attachment to it, even for a moment. Anyway, the view is gorgeous, even when sakura trees weren’t in full bloom (just imagine how the place would look like if it’s FULL BLOOM everywhere!!!).
Next stop- Akihabara (again)!
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    March 8, 2015 at 6:23 PM

    Hi Mia! May I know which month was this trip? It seems cold.

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