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Yokohama is gorgeous!

In case you’re wondering, I’m being quarantined at home, while Asna is still in the hospital. I was given a box of Tamiflu yesterday, for me to take twice for the next five days. Everything’s under control, I think. Thanks for all the wishes and advices. I appreciate them very much!

Ok, before I forget, let me go back to posting pictures of Japan. These are pictures of us in Yokohama, the former port city.

Well at least not the first two.

On Monday morning,we checked out from the hotel, ran to the bus station near Yodobashi Camera to get the bus tickets to Kofu for the night, before departing for Yokohama. The plan was to go to Yokohama, then depart for Kofu that night. Turned out the tickets were sold out. Yikes!

We left our bags at the train station. They have lockers of various sizes where people can keep their stuff and luggage. All you gotta do is pay with coins, lock and take the key.

Took a train to Yokohama and met Kuyu, Reza’s friend, a this one shopping mall near the Yokohama eki called Diamond or something. Yokohama, my first impression of it, was as awesome and inspiring as Tokyo, only that it’s less packed with people.

So Kuyu led us to a halal Thai restaurant. Can you believe, four days in Japan and we still hadn’t eaten at a proper Japanese restaurant? Bento bought from a shop doesn’t count.

Reza’s beef paprik.
My tomyam set. This with rice inside. The whole restaurant gives an EXOTIC vibe!
Then off to China Town. The train stations in Yokohama are super clean.

Our tourguide for the day. Currently a Yokohama National University student.

It was raining and cold like crazy. We bought ourselves Japan-style umbrellas, clear plastic umbrellas! I keep it in my wardrobe now.

Then, throughout the harsh wind, we walked to Yamashita koen (park) near China Town. To view some of the blooming sakura.

Kuyu then brought us to Collete Mare, Landmark Plaza and Queen’s Square, around the gorgeous Minato Mirai. We shopped a bit and then went to Hard Rock Yokohama.
Just a note, when shopping, I think it’s best if people go for brands that aren’t in Malaysia. What’s the point of buying jeans at Topshop, when I can get the exact pair in KL for RM100 less?! We shopped at H&M mostly. Pretty cheap- and it’s not available in Malaysia!

And off we went to CosmoWorld!

This is the tallest skyscraper in Japan, the Landmark Tower. It’d be so cool if we all went up to see Yokohama’s skyline.

So pretty! I captured a video of all this to show Asna but she wasn’t that amazed.

At the amusement park. That’s the tallest ferris wheel in the world!

Purikura! All stickers are with me since no one claimed their share.

Then Reza and I went on the ferris wheel I mentioned. Aishah and the rest didn’t want to.

On the way up. A gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous view!

Yokohama is gorgeous! It’s crazy to feel the wind hitting against the glass that we were in, but despite how cold it was outside, the ferris wheel was warm enough. The whole ride lasted for around 15 minutes.

A hotel. We could see people in their rooms! And other Yokohama landmarks. 360-degree view!

We were running out of time, so we had a quick dinner at Subway. I had shrimp sandwich, then some potato wedges and a cup of hot chocolate from Starbucks. Since we couldn’t get a bus, we returned to Shinjuku to pack our bags up from the lockers at the train station and took a train to Kofu. The whole ride lasted 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Oh yes, Kuyu joined us this time. The more the merrier!

I want more Yokohama, next time, please? Yokohama is too pretty!

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    April 24, 2010 at 9:25 AM

    i should have order kat u tshirt hrc jepun.. haih..and tersangat lah cantikk gambar banggunan tuh!

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    April 24, 2010 at 7:27 PM

    Ha doakan I have the rezeki to go there again and I’ll get you one 😀

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