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Last day in Tokyo

Disclaimer: This post is crazy long, with countless of pictures.

As soon as we reached Shinjuku, Kuyu helped us find the lockers for us to stuff our bags away. Very convenient these stations, I’m not surprised if they have thousands of lockers of different sized in the Shinjuku station.

Oh, before locking my locker, I took out some layers of my clothes and stuffed them into my bag because it was hotter in Tokyo than in Kofu. I even took my socks off and changed my shoes. My feet won’t survive till night in the platforms!

We headed to Yodobashi Camera, looking for the department where they sell designers bags and fragrances. We couldn’t remember where it was, so our official tourguide of the day helped us find it.

They sell beauty products just like that.

The we went to Harajuku because we wanted to go to Zara and H&M. Shopping on the last day!

Pretty walkway.

NEWS on a truck. Every fangirl say “KYAAAA!”

We went into a huge two-story Zara. They basically sell the same things like Zara KL, but have a wider selection and range there- some of them, I haven’t seen anything as nice in KL. Zara is cheaper in KL, though. I paid ¥3990 for my perfect spring top, later realizing that it’s only RM139.90.
Oh yeah, going to the counter was pretty depressing. I queued behind two ladies. One was carrying a black Balenciaga Giant City, while the other was carrying a black Chloe Paraty. Depressing, I tell you. Hey, it’s Japan- where wages are high, where the working class can easily afford such things- so nothing really surprising there.

 After that, we looked for H&M. We didn’t bring any maps at all this time! If not for Kuyu we wouldn’t remember where to head.

Found it! Got a top, too.

The three-story H&M store was SUPER PACKED with people! I initially wanted to get something from H&M’s new spring collection, the one made of recycled materials- but most of the tops in the line and most of whatever I find in H&M, wasn’t something that I thought would suit me.Well, not everything, at least. I picked eight tops to try, but only ended up with a lace camisole.


That’s Forever 21 beside H&M. We skipped it.

Dior at night!

Chanel display window. SO. SO. PRETTY!!! I don’t know whether it’s because I was in Japan, but their window displays are quite well done! Now, how can the ladies not go crazy??? The store is crazy huge, too.


I had to!

I was there to look for something for my brother. Thought of getting him a Skullcandy headphone (hoping it was available!). No fancy headphones at the time, but they were having a camera fair. Something like that. Featured a lot of interesting “toy” cameras which were really interesting- stuff like Holga, Diana and Colorflash cameras.

I got my brother a Holga anyway, since he’s been talking about wanting to get it, but never did so. A white Holga! Yeah, yeah, you’ve seen it on the previous post.

Later, we stopped by Uniqlo. Uniqlo is a shop which sells basic apparels at a low price relative to other retailers in Japan.Kuyu then told me, this Uniqlo store is a bit special- I later noticed why. Instead of selling various clothing like the one in Shinjuku, the store here sells mostly T-shirts and dresses- designed thanks to the collaborative effort between Uniqlo and a few designes (like Paul & Joe). The T-shirts were also sold in cans! Hmm well maybe not cans, but imagine shuttle cock bottle/cans made of clear plastic.
Can you imagine? Cannot? Click here and see haha!

Our tourguide (also self-proclaimed D&G model). Body type: 34-29-34.

We then headed to Shibuya.

I love their vending machines!

Random street performers.
NEWS, again.

We shopped, shopped, shopped until Reza called Kuyu and said that he was on his way to Shibuya Crossing, where we planned to meet. Oh yes, he was done with university so he headed to Tokyo in the afternoon. So, off to Shibuya crossing. Everybody bought themselves a drink (mine is definitely ice cocoa!) and hung out at Starbucks, discussing on what to eat for dinner.
Our last meal was the fish burger. we got from Mos Burger. Kuyu and I ate on the road while we were still in Shinjuku and that was that!

Crossing. Blur photo gahhh!

The wall filled with Hachiko.
The spot near Shibuya station.

A random ad with Ueto Aya’s face in the subway. Oh yeah, we were planning to go to Roponggi for Hard Rock merchandises.

I got this Shakira t-shirt because I’ve gotten the rest of the designs hahaha. Come to think of it, the five shirts I have for going out are all Hard Rock shirts. The girls bought a lot!

Roponggi isn’t like most areas in Tokyo. The land is supposedly high in price (hence I expected it to be luxurious, but not really) but filled with gaijin (foreigners), pimps, clubs and whatnot. You’d always see some men following girls, asking them to join their clubs or to be their whatever I don’t know.
From what I collect, that place is NOT exactly safe, especially when you’re alone and a girl. If you want to go, hold on tight to your handbags, too, ladies!
Oh yes, the second agenda in Roponggi.
We ate at the famous KEBAB ROPONGGI!!!!!

Well famous because Kuyu seems to always mention it online heh. Anyway, Reza and I shared Mixed Kebab. Which was really, really, really good! Also had apricot juice. Also delicious. Everything was good. I wish I had ordered the cranberry juice though…
See for yourself! YUM YUM.

We chit-chatted till it was too late for Kuyu to return to Yokohama. Realizing how late we were, even for the Shinjuku, we went to the subway station again right after paying for the food. Rushed rushed, thankful there were still trains.
So we reached the Shinjuku station. Much more quiet than usual. Rushed to get our bags from the locker.

But, um, most of the areas of the huge station was locked. Duh, it was 12AM!!! The guys went to see the policement or guards for “exemptions”, but we were told that we had to wait until 6AM.
Oh great.

A pissed Aishah.

So we thought, let’s just take a cab and head back to the hotel.

See the boxes? Squint your eyes if you need to.
Those are people who’ve set their DIY box-camps inside the station. They were sleeping there OVERNIGHT (maybe every night, even?). I don’t know if these people are homeless, because some of them we wearing business suits. They probably missed their train, too tired to go home or maybe they had a fight with thier spouse so they decided to sleep in boxes for the night.
Oh well, policemen guarding the place didn’t seem to mind them.
After the ¥710 taxi trip, we shopped last minute at the 7-Eleven in front of the hotel. I got myself magazines and a makeup remover. Hung out outside for a bit, checked in (the guys managed to get us a ¥4000 rate that night, yay!) and slept for four hours.
And that wraps up our seventh day- off to Narita the next!

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  • Avatar
    May 8, 2010 at 10:44 PM

    like i always say, i wish to go to japan one day! really like how the country portrays itself.. =)

  • Avatar
    May 9, 2010 at 12:23 PM

    kalau dapat pergi japan or korea i’ll stock up on beauty products because theirs are really good! 🙂

  • Avatar
    May 9, 2010 at 5:40 PM

    I wanna go Japan too! But not at the moment. Maybe few years later. Hah!

  • Avatar
    May 9, 2010 at 7:44 PM

    You guys should really go. I’d go there over and over again. And Nn, my RM35 Kose makup remover beli dekat 7-E pun was pretty good 🙂

  • Avatar
    May 9, 2010 at 9:24 PM

    you should go to Tibas in Brunswick for their mixed kebab platter. Sedap gila! =) I took a friend of mine there and she got addicted. lol.

  • Avatar
    aishah zain
    May 15, 2010 at 1:38 AM

    Our tourguide (also self-proclaimed D&G model). Body type: 34-29-34.

    baru perasan nih!!

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