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Sakura viewing and departing for Tokyo

The whole point of going to Japan was to view (supposedly) blooming sakura. Unfortunately, due to the colder-than-expected weather, when we first arrived, on the train to Tokyo from the airport, I’d say roughly only 10% of the sakura has bloomed. Or maybe less. We were a bit disappointed- but lucky us, the sakura in Kofu has mostly blossomed by then. Before departing to Tokyo on our seventh day, Reza took us to this temple filled with sakura.

The road near one of Kofu’s souvenir shops. Streets look like this one when the sakura’s blooming. Gorgeous, right?

If spring lasts for six month, I’d migrate to Japan.

How the ultra sweet sakura truffles that I bought look like!

Plenty of ducks and goldfishes.

 After that we went to the Kofu station and bought tickets to Tokyo. Reza had to stay, he had some matters to attend to. He’s joining us later that night. Kuyu had agreed to become our Tokyo tourguide.

Before we boarded the bus, we decided to go to Mos Burger to have breakfast.

Ordered four set of value meals. I wanted milk tea, but had to use a lot of them. People in Japan hardly eat anything too spicy, too sweet, too fattening I suppose- so their syrups aren’t exactly sweet, their creamers aren’t exactly creamy. I had to use TRIPLE amount of the syrup and creamer there compared to here.

Four burgers arrived. We ordered fish burgers but got this instead. A bit wary to eat them. Looked like Reza’s chicken burger yesterday. The meat Reza buys are halal, but meat outside- of course we can’t take them. So Kuyu had to ask them what burgers were sent to us. And it was BACON!!! Some house specialty burger. We immediately addressed the misunderstanding and told them to be quick- bus leaving in a bout 20 minutes, I think.

While waiting for the fish burgers. Reza and I took pictures with his bike.

Random trivia: In Japan it’s illegal for two people to ride on a one-seater bike. You’d get arrested!

The fish burgers, finally!

Later, we went back to the bus station. I think Mos Burger got us high- I’ve got ridiculous pictures of hyperactive “kids” (read: us) waiting for the bus, but I’m afraid I can’t post them here haha! The rest of the passengers were older than us I presume, I’m sure they were saying “Damn gaijins (foreigners)!” inside their heads as we camwhored near and inside the bus.

And we left for Tokyo. I wanted to sleep initially tapi kalau orang dah bukak cerita panas memang kene dengar lah kan? HAHAHA. Two hours later we arrived at Shinjuku.

Until then!

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    May 1, 2010 at 4:17 PM

    oh bunga sakura. for now terpaksa satisfied dengan replica kat i-city. huhuhu. btw, love ur dresss! 😀

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    May 1, 2010 at 8:31 PM

    Hi, may i know how much is the chanel earrings? and can you please explain in details on how you get to purchase this online? Thanks..

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    May 1, 2010 at 8:47 PM

    Thanks Nn 🙂 I want to go to i-City!!! Maybe soon. That place looks lawa sangat.

    Regarding the Chanel earrings, I replied on the post. Go see! Sorry for the late reply but I hope that helps.

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