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More pictures from Beijing

Inside a gazebo.

Beijing is a pretty nice place for picture-taking, especially the building which were preserved or newly built to reflect old Chinese interior and exterior. These are pictures taken from one of the Chinese medicine centers we visited and the last restaurant stopped by.
Punching the dragon.

Doing the dragon. Sick.

Muslim restaurants, but they still sell Yanjing Beer for non-muslims, though.

With a gorgeous baby boy!

My thought on Beijing, is that it’s much prettier than what I expected. The city is really big and the roads are very wide. It’s not as packed as Hong Kong, Tokyo or London- and the view is so serene. They’ve got futuristic buildings here and there but they make sure that there are lush trees and parks all around the city. We were also brought to different mosques each day- they were so beautiful, I wish I’d taken pictures of them. The food? Just awesome. I ate three plates, each meal!

There are some downsides to Beijing though. You’ve got to deal with strict hotel rules (like not ever leaving stains on bedsheets or they’d charge you BIG time for it- imagine my horror when I woke up with period the second morning), no freedom in net-surfing (I only managed to Skype with Reza) and the insecurity while walking on the streets.

I thought people in Beijing dressed ridiculously relative to Kuala Lumpur (amplified by post-Tokyo shock) and that they comprised of very rude people, in general. But hey, how people are depends on the places you go to, no? I visited a higher end mall at the end of the tour and the SAs were very nice, polite and dressed so well. The plus side, their Isetan-equivalent allows you to bargain, too!

This is why going to foreign places is so cool, because it exposes everyone to cultural differences, makes us learn to tolerate and adapt to different cultures. Although I would much prefer Tokyo (anytime, anyday!), I’d still say the trip to Beijing was worthwhile.

I still can’t believe I’ve been to the Great Wall of China up to this day!

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  • Avatar
    Shahrysham Kamran
    June 19, 2010 at 12:55 AM

    yup, the people are a bit rude and they love to spit which was so ewwww.

    apart from that, love love beijing. 🙂

  • Avatar
    June 20, 2010 at 3:19 PM

    Same here! Beijing is really beautiful, kan? 🙂

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