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The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China. A fortress of walls formerly built to defend borders of the Chinese empire, with walls stretching up to more than 6000 kilometers! It’s one place I’d never thought I’d visit, but only seen in books, TV and movies. It was dark, cloudy and horribly foggy, but I was pretty excited when I first saw a fraction of the wall from the tour bus. I couldn’t believe I was going to climb up the walls!

It’s generally very cold there and adding to our frustration was the rain. Everybody purchased raincoats, but I chose to buy an umbrella. Raincoats aren’t camera friendly, right? Oh well. Rain and clouds aren’t camera-friendly either.

My brother and his green raincoat.

Can you spot Asna?
Sakura trees, sighted.

At the point we disembarked from the bus, there were some compounds which looked like old Chinese villages.

We were told that  there’s an old saying in China, that a person who climbs up the walls up to some point can be deemed a hero.
Their way of inducing visitors to climb up the stairs? Each tourist will get a “HERO” card (a simpler version of your MyKad) if she or he managers to climb up the stairs up to that fortress in the picture above. Once you’ve climbed to that point, you’re a HERO. With an identification card to prove it!
Well, the fortress I’m talking about is not that visible in the photo (look at the first picture, it’s clearer there) and may not look that high from here, but the stairs were crazy steep towards the end. It was drizzling and the floor, stairs and railing were wet, so climbing up that high is pretty dangerous. My brother and I tried 15% and we chose to fall back. Some people managed, though.

The tour guide even told us of how some tourists have slipped and fell from higher stairs to the lower ones and died on the spot, or the story of how a man got burnt because lightning struck him while he was using a phone (Great Wall is placed on hill and mountains). Whether these are false or true, just take precautions.

So word of caution: DON’T climb when its raining and wet. DON’T use your handphones!

They also have these in China, where couples purchase locks written or engraved with their names and get them lock in chains to preserve their love for eternity. OK, I’m just assuming LOL. That’s the explanation for these things in Japan, but I’m not sure about China. Could be true, there were hearts here and there!

And when you’re there, don’t forget to snap photos inside the fortresses! Until then 🙂

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