Asna, Facebook and the iPhone

Before I went to Australia, my dad handed me down his old iPhone. It’s great to finally have one (I don’t spend money on phones nor gadgets), albeit it being handed down. It makes going online easier and it’s a life saver! Since realizing that I now use an iPhone, Asna’s been very excited. Her first encounter with iPhone was when Reza came to our house for buka puasa, so since then, she associates iPhone with Reza.
When she first saw me carrying an iPhone, the first thing she said was:
“WOW! Did Abang Reza give it to you?!”
After that she’s been playing my iPhone until late night, begged our parents so she could sleep in my room (no curfew in my room, she plays games and watches me Facebook until 2AM). Mabuk iPhone.
One day, I remember my family coming home late after Sabrina’s akad nikah. She then held my mum’s hand and told my mum:
“Mama, I miss you. I want to sleep with you”
Then I asked her this, on purpose:
“Asna do you want to play with my iPhone?”
She INSTANTLY let go of my mum’s hand. Held mine and told me:
“Okay, let’s go to your room”
HAHAHA. She then lead me to my room and started to play with the phone! My mum told her to go to sleep a few minutes later and threatened her so many things and even made “sad” statements (like, “I will sleep alone and I will have no one to teman me”, Asna usually falls for this), BUT Asna totally ignored my mum!
My mum told me that one day she asked Asna:
“Do you love Mama or do you love iPhone”
Asna’s response?
“I love Mama… And iPhone”
I sympathized the kid because I was leaving in a few days at that time. She was asking what iTunes was and started searching this and that (she’s a fast learner when it comes to these things) so I taught her how to install things and get this- this may be really STUPID of me- I gave her my password!
But I made it clear to her that she could only install FREE applications. She understood. I think she installed 5 or so in a few minutes!
As she was happily tapping the phone, I received a Gmail notification on my laptop- come a new email from iTunes.
Okay. Free application, check! Free magic beans? YOU BLOODY CHARGE ME $0.99 for supposedly FREE beans??!!
So yes, even if you teach kids to install free applications, these “free” applications sure know how to mislead the less intelligent in buying “free magic beans”.
So I snatched my phone away from her (I still feel guilty over this) and told my mum. Even when it’s not really her fault. It was mine. I gave her my password, believing she’d understand. She did, but applications do mislead kids. Like her begging me for Playfish cash on Facebook to get more furniture. Kids don’t understand what’s asked of them.
So I guess it’s really my fault.
But my parents, troubled by her recent habit (she’s on Facebook 24/7 as soon as she comes back from school) and refusal to sleep early saw this as an opportunity to set out a new rule. They told her because she bought the “magic beans” without my consent, she’s grounded from using the computer- an effort to make her do more homework and read instead of playing games on Facebook.
I feel so bad. Even worse when my mum told me yesterday that she begged my parents to go online.
“I need to go on Facebook! My fish will die!”
That’s Fishville.
“I need to play the computer! My pets will go hungry and run away!”
That’s Pet Society.
She’s that attached to Facebook. If she meets strangers or people she hasn’t seen a long time, the first thing she’ll ask them is:
“Do you have Facebook?”
And I am not kidding. When my cousins and friends meet her all she talks about is FACEBOOK! She talks about it ALL the time that my brother and I would make her shut up at times.
Right now, while she’s doing more homework, I’m trying to lessen the burden I feel now by going on her Facebook, feeding all these fishes and pets. Poor kid. It’s for her own good anyway.
By the way, just before I left for Melbourne, she made a face. A “Pleeeeease” face, if you can imagine. Smiling half-heartedly, eyes squinted, she asked me:
“Uhm… Cikyong… Are you going to bring iPhone to Melbourne?”
You know what that meant?
In you dreams lah, Asna.
Though if I were richer, I’d get her an iPad for her birthday.
HAH in my dreams…
See you in December, Stinky. Be good.

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  • Avatar
    July 20, 2010 at 3:47 PM come budak kecik tue blh jd addict gle ngan fb..??sgt cute.. 🙂

  • Avatar
    July 20, 2010 at 4:31 PM

    oh dear she is one smart kid!

  • Avatar
    July 20, 2010 at 4:56 PM

    noice one!!!! smart hasna… she’s going to miss u like crazy!

  • Avatar
    July 20, 2010 at 5:49 PM

    kids these days…

  • Avatar
    July 20, 2010 at 11:01 PM

    hehehe i know u miss her so much by the time u tulis this entry kan.. 🙂

  • Avatar
    MuNsYi SaMa
    July 20, 2010 at 11:43 PM

    asna’s cute, as always. but dont buy her ipad. nanti lg addicted. hehe

  • Avatar
    July 21, 2010 at 11:51 AM

    mak aihh..teruk tol dia punya minat kat iphone, tapi serius lah budak2 sekarang cepat tangkap dgn teknologi..last week aku beli smart phone galaxy S.adik aku baru sekolah rendah…aku balik je umah..dia belek2 hp aku pastu download mcm2 game..padahal aku baru nak belaja2 guna hp tu.hamjadah tol.huhu

  • Avatar
    July 21, 2010 at 8:31 PM

    @Nuraitul Sebab die takde life. Main dengan real toys dah bosan. Tengok tv dah bosan. Dah reti gune laptop, that’s all she does now- going online!

    @Yvonne Smart alright!

    @Thesweetlittlecat I think she misses iPhone more ;p

    @Nn Kan?

    @IQWA Haha sikit lah. Sikit je 😉

    @Munsyi Itulah kan. No way! Hehe.

    @Fndfrocka Haha macam our generation compared to our parents’ lah kot kan? Makin lama kids makin advanced 🙂

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