Latest call with Asna

My mom tells me that Asna still isn’t over her Facebook phase. She talks about it EVERY day and gets asthma attacks whenever she can’t play. To that extent! Anyway, today’s call is a really short one. It’s hard to get her to talk because she’d rather play (especially with the computer).

Here’s the conversation, listen first before scrolling down:

In case the call’s not clear, here’s the summary of the call.

At the beginning of the video she sounds sad, telling me that she can’t play the computer because it’s not working. Then she hears her own voice, got excited (notice change of tone), says HEY! and asked whether she’s “at” the speaker.

Then the call disconnected.

The second call, my brother had to ask her to talk to me because she really prefers not answer the phone. She questions why I’m “still quitting” Facebook game and not playing. Suddenly, she couldn’t hear my voice and asks whether I could hear her. I did, she was the one who didn’t hear me.


“Cikyong, CAN YOU HEAR ME?”

“You still…”


“HUMPH, I give up!”

Very, very dramatic.

And when she said “scoopid”, she’s referring to the call. How did “SCOOPID” come about? She learned the word stupid (from the tv I think, I don’t think we use that term at hone) and started to apply it to her fantasies, toys and… us. That’s when my brother took action and gave her the (frightful) stare. Right now, if she ever slips a Stupid!, she’ll immediately rephrase it and say Scoopid!

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  • Avatar
    August 21, 2010 at 4:01 AM

    i can’t stop laughing hahahaha she’s so cute

  • Avatar
    August 21, 2010 at 5:56 PM

    Haha thanks. If she hears that from you her nose would flare automatically 🙂

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