Asna: Growing up in pictures Part I

I’ve decided to compile a few of Asna’s pictures and record some of her stories here, for a reason which will be mentioned later. Even though I try to make it compact, there are too many – I think I have over a thousand pictures of her. There are two parts for this post, the first being this one. Enjoy!

Zero year

First proper shot.

Other pictures consist of us dressing her up in different things, sucking cloth hangers and faces full of saliva (hers – not ours). Not recommended to the general public. At zero year, many videos were taken of her laughing while we drop a tennis ball or something else repeatedly. She found things that were dropping very funny. The laughs recorded were hysterical.

One year

First headband.

First time understanding the concept of a “mirror” and our first realization that this girl, barely one, is VAIN. She kept on goin back and forth to the mirror to check herself out with new headband.

First baju kurung.

First lipgloss. By now, the number of pictures of her trying out my mum’s heels, my necklaces and sunglasses had increased to double digits.

Admiring Jericho Rosales in a women’s magazine. Before she had the power to speak out, Bibik controlled the tv while everyone else was away – Asna’s then favorite shows were Malin Kundang and Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas. Only at three or four did she start arguing about channel selection.

Make up gone mad. Asna one of my mum’s lipstick and played with it. She drew on her body until she looked like a child who was abused, with bruises everywhere on her body and face. The lipstick? Sampai HAUS. My mum was mad, but my brother, maid and I had a good laugh while she was stunned.

First webcam collage. She took most of these on her own. Now that, was a beginning of series of pout she’d come out with as she gets older.

At one years old she had shown high interest in clothes, makeup, bags and shoes like any other girl. She would later be our little advisor at home. In the morning, my mum would ask her to pick which scarf or shawl that would match her outfit best and she would help. I usually do that, too, before going out. When her choice is not that good, I usually give her a reason and she’d try picking out another one.

Two years

At two years, pictures mostly consisted of ridiculous faces. This being the mildest (with orange juice on her nose and mouth, I think she had refused to wipe them off). The rest is also not public-friendly. Though I think she is proud of her uglier pictures.

Okay lah I’ll just let you see another one.

I am convinced she inherited this from my brother. Since this was his pose when around her age then. I don’t have retarded childhood pictures. Maybe just a few, but definitely less than Asna!

First time being interested in looking for music. When she was one (a year before this picture), “Don’t Phunk With My Heart” was the hit of the moment. Everytime the music video came out, she’d stop whatever she was doing to listen and would bob her head. Unfortunately, she does not remember that anymore now and would rather look Gaga or Bieber up on Youtube.

She didn’t go to the playground with me often, so it was like an event.

Another pout picture.

Okay final one. Ni super extreme!

Makeup by me. Hair by my dad. Syok sendiri face by Asna. HAHAHA.

By this time she’s learned how to speak a bit of English, Malay and Indonesian from television and what we converse in at home. My former maid taught her Indonesian, by the way. Her Malay sounded Indonesian. Too much Indonesian television watched.

Dancing video. I was cleaning up my room this time while blasting Gwen Stefani on my speakers when she decided to put on a show.

Three years

And another pout picture.

The picture which got her off lipsticks until now. I call this the “Why so serious?” picture, a tribute to Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. Poor kid, she really thought I was making her up. Then she saw the mirror… She would later, never trust a lipstick.

Learned to camwhore. This was taken without my knowledge. She’d take phones and cameras to capture her own self.

Started to scribble on walls. This is “Tom and Jerry”. Parents were not too pleased.

The beginning of internet addiction. Watching Playhouse Disney Channel on the tv AND playing interactive flash games online on the channel’s website. Because of this, one of the first words that she could really read was “LOADING…”. Go figure. While my brother’s reading accelerated when he first got involved with “Mutiara Naga” as a kid, Asna learned to read faster with the presence of online games. I think I learned more with Peter and Jane and encyclopedias. I was a nerd.

This year also, she learned to argue more instead of being bullied or adhering to orders. As taken from my previous blog:
She was playing with empty sockets. Switch it on, switch it off. On and off.
So I said, “Asna, jangan. Nanti Ciyong bagitau Mama”.
So she turned around fiercely, mata terbeliak, mulut bengis dan tangan bersedia untuk memukul, “Don’t YOU DARE!! You CAN’T SAY!!”

I can’t remember where she learned “Don’t you dare!”.

And another case:

I went downstairs, she went up to get her nappy changed. So I tuned in to StarWorld (she was watching Cartoon Network). She went down again and asked, “Hey, whats going on?” and I interpreted it as “What’s up?”.
Then she came and THREW an old laundry basket towards me. Turns out what she meant was “Oi tuka channel tu buat ape?’ and ran because she was upset, like it’s the end of the world. Since my brother was watching with me, it’s the power of two against one. Angry girl remained upstairs.

Drama much?

I need to get lunch. Will get Part II done in a bit!’

Read Part II here.

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    Lawak la Asna ni. Dia ikut sapa part vain ni? Cik Yong dia ka? Hehe :p

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