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In pursuit of the pansy dress

Too much contemplating leaves me with no Kate Moss dress. The final collection sold like hot cakes. Even before I could hit the checkout button, I realized that the clothes in my shopping cart were already sold out.

I’m not surprised that they’re already listed on Ebay by opportunists, selling them for 65% more than the original price. I loathe it when these things happen. It’s like years back, when LeSportsac’s Tokidoki had a sale and fans couldn’t get the bags. Huge amounts of the bags were bought by Ebay sellers. They reduce the supply in the market so drastically and  markup the prices at ridiculous amounts. Collectors would have to pay the huge sums because the bags they want could no longer be found elsewhere.

I kept on refreshing the Kate Moss page over and over and one day, the pansy dress was BACK! I hurriedly placed an order in the morning. Seeing that they only have my size, I considered myself very lucky!

Topshop usually send two emails after an order. Email no.1, to confirm the items that were ordered. They will then dispatch the good from their warehouse and send email no. 2, stating that the goods on the way to being delivered. I received the first email. Three days went, no sign of delivery. Then came the second email.

You know what? They REFUNDED me. Apparently the dress was no longer available – I assume, because in the order email, the quantity for the “Iconic Pansy Dress” was “1” and in the delivery note later, it said “0”. ZERO??!! GRRRR!

Not wanting to admit defeat, I called my mum up on informed her of the situation. I had to have something before every Kate Moss piece leaves the store. It’s like having a piece of… history? She talked to someone at the store in KLCC and they agreed to call her when the dresses arrive. Though I’m not sure if they managed to since my mum got her phone smashed in a minor accident.

Now that the final collection has hit the stores in KL and I’ve called the store personally to reserve a dress for me, so that my mum can help buy it. I just hope that nothing goes wrong. If not, maybe we’re not destined to be together.

I wish I were in KL now!

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  • Avatar
    November 18, 2010 at 8:43 PM

    follow ur blog and maybe the website up there suit ur taste..please do some review if u find that site help u a lot..happy shopping!!:)

  • Avatar
    November 18, 2010 at 9:45 PM

    Thank you. Checking it out!

  • Avatar
    November 21, 2010 at 10:25 PM

    Mia, tadi i nampak both dress ni kalau tak silap kat Topshop Pavilion.

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