Letters and chocolate sticks

My mails and parcels seems to have been delivered right on time. I got two letters since my final paper – one from Asna and another from Reza.

Australia’s got strict quarantine rules. This mail was supposed to be delivered a week before, but it was held and inspected. The authorities even inserted into the envelope, a pamphlet on “What can’t be mailed to Australia?” and a letter telling me that they’re disposing the matcha sticks Reza sent me if I don’t request them to return the sticks to him.

A bit bummed, but even though they took away the matcha, I still get my favorite chocolate-filled sticks, Toppo. Move away Kinder Bueno, I’ll make sure this will be a hantaran gift.

I’m not suggesting anything… I just think it’s a brilliant idea!

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    November 11, 2010 at 2:27 AM

    Pelik betul sampai wafer pun kena banned. I assume the Matcha stick is like a wafer.

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