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Rainy Sydney

Went to Sydney early this week. Usually before going somewhere, I’d make sure I check how the weather is like, but this time I totally forgot. What horrible days to go to Sydney, because it was very rainy and wet – Sydney is reportedly wet the whole week. Our shoes were literally soaked!

My junior in primary school (also the son of my then Guru Besar and Anis’s brother), Zikri, was so nice to pick my brother and I from the airport and brought us to a few Sydney landmarks to take photos. The weather was pretty gloomy, but we tried our best to redah anyway.

First stop, Bondi Beach. Famous for surfing. Strong current and waves.

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge from Mrs. McQuaries Point. It was raining heavily for the moment, we had to wait for more than 45 minutes till a tiny bit of the sun started to show up.

Chinatown. Wet Chinatown. I have Asna hair.

You gotta try cream puffs from this place. It’s supposedly really famous.

Like walking on moon at La Perouse.

Queen Victoria Building. Wet QV statue.

It’s gorgeous inside. Different stores – from high street to high fashion. I should’ve taken a photo of the bathrooms. Colorful tiles, old fashioned and gorgeous.

What you’ll see when you look up, at the center of the building.

Sometimes I wonder if NY looks like this. Cabs (albeit white) and old, tall, scattered buildings.

Apple store. Taken for Apple fans.

Queen Victoria building from another angle.

The rain pretty much pissed me off, that I told my brother that we should stay indoors. I think we stayed at The Galleries’ Kinokuniya for about two hours just reading and browsing books. The Kinokuniya there was so huge and there were so many choices and titles in areas you don’t usually see in Malaysia, like fashion, illustration, art and pointless books like The Very Bad Book. I was too busy un-soaking my sneakers (I got my shoes off trying to let it dry and was a bit barefooted there) and getting mad at the rain that the idea of taking pictures of the bookshelves slipped my mind. Really, it was a different experience being there.

St. Andrew’s Cathdral.

Hyde Park. You MUST go here. It’s gorgeous. Central Park of Sydney. I wonder if in a few decades times, the trees in the KLCC park will turn out like these. That would be too awesome.

More Hyde Park. Spot carvings.

We didn’t go up to Sydney Tower because it was rainy and fog loved the tower so much that day. Would have been awesome if it weren’t raining.

Flower arrangements at the park.

And we bid farewell to Sydney after our final trip on the monorail.

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