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St. Kilda beach

On the last day of my brother’s visit here, we intended to spend the day at the Old Melbourne Gaol, but I was sick and slept until 3PM. Too late for gaol. It closes at 5PM. Tsk. I felt sorry for him. Wanted to go round the city still but it was blazing hot yesterday. Luckily a few people asked if we wanted to go to the beach, about 10 minutes by tram – of course! But we gotta wait until a few hours later, when the heat is less.

Going to the beach was part of our plan, but since Melbourne’s been so hot during the past few days, I cancelled. Well, yesterday was our chance. Hot day, but as the sun started to set, it became cold! The water was warmer. I wasn’t wearing proper beach attire because I only planned to take pictures – but who can resist?!

Spotted a mini “island”. There’s this girl who kept on doing this stunt there. Pilates or what, I don’t know.

After she left we sort of took over the island. Went across the shallow sea and the guys started jumping.
Can’t remember whose idea it was. Gila jiwang lah. It’s an “I Heart You”.
My butterfly jump.

After that all of us headed to Nando’s for takeaway. My brother and Rashad (friends of a few residents here) left for the airport yesterday night. I’m thinking it’d be a waste if I don’t go there again before I leave. Gorgeous, gorgeous!

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  • Avatar
    December 6, 2010 at 9:22 PM

    oh my, love d pictures!!
    sukelaa yang kak mira jump tu..hehe
    wahh bestla mann…
    kirim salam dekat dia k…

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