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The CC Skye double wrap bracelets

The wrap bracelet that Nicole Richie was seen in 24/7 once upon a time took the world by storm. Okay, not to that extent, I’m being dramatic, but if you saw Nicole Richie 2006 or 2007 you must have seen that she was wearing a black leather and chain braided, double wrap bracelet (phew, what a description!).

I was not a fan of Nicole Richie, but the bracelet got me hooked. I wanted one, too! But it’s too expensive (at least it was, in my undergrad – I hadn’t started collecting this much bracelets). Then, what happened was a series of buying lookalikes. Or at least I thought – like this and this.
But you know what? It’s never as satisfying as the real thing. I got over the peacock cuff, which I think is better suited as a decorative item for the dresser than to be worn (because my arm looked like it was carrying a weight when I tried it on) AND I got these in Australia after three years! Final pieces at a fraction of the retail price 🙂
In black and luggage. Very loud, very 80s! Reza can’t tell the difference between these and lookalikes, though.
You can see that I play safe. With my staple flats and tan and black, these can be my staple bracelets from now on! 
Also available once upon a time, from a Japanese online store:
In red leather. Very HOT.
In pink leather. Sweet as candy! Not something I’d wear but it’s so nice to look at.
And lastly, denim. I’ve always hated accessories with skull, especially those by Tarina Tarantino, but I find this one very cool.
And with this, I conclude my buying CC Skye bracelets for the next SIX months. Promise!!!

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