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January 2011

  • Asna

    Asna and Katy Perry’s bad songs

    You know how unfortunate it is that Lady Gaga and Katy Perry’s songs are so catchy but so not suitable for kids.  Asna says her favorite singers are…

  • Asna

    Asna and her art classes

    Asna has always been so attached to her doodle boards since young. Always drawing this and that. When one board is ruined, parents always gets her a new…

  • Asna

    Asna and the makeup event

    First time of being sebumbung and not away from each other, I haven’t seen Asna in a day yesterday. Was too tired after running errands so I crashed…

  • Asna

    Skinny and fat

    I was analyzing my hands one night, recently, with Asna beside me. She was sleeping over. “I miss sushi. I am losing weight because I don’t eat a…

  • Asna

    The hot Yadotsa skirt

    Still going gaga over Yadotsa. This happened today: “Asna, which one is prettiest? Choose ONE.” One look at the skirts and all she had to say was: “But…

  • Asna Style Diaries

    The sexy Yadotsa top

    The label Yadotsa finally launched their e-boutique a few days ago. I’ve seen their look book and OMG, their clothes are lawa-lawa! Kudos Ya and Sa! I wanted…

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