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March 2011

  • Asna

    Wedding Asna

    Asna wore a yellow dress to a wedding yesterday afternoon. She thought she was pretty – with a vintage faux pearl headband on her head and tied hair.…

  • Asna

    Pronunciation fail Asna

    When Asna first started speaking, she was highly influenced by Playhouse Disney Channel. All of us hardly watched tv at the time because she was hogging it most…

  • Asna

    Long-haired Asna

    Asna LOVES going to Fashion Valet, the “fashion office” (she pronounced it as “Fashion Violet” before I corrected her). It’s the school holidays, so I brought her to…

  • Asna

    Size-conscious Asna

    Asna was wearing a shirt and cropped leggings, a Sereni & Shentel French Kiss headband on her head, two Manchester United alligator hair clips clipped on each of…

  • Asna

    Vain and over-confident Asna

    Last Friday Asna requested that I tie her hair for school, which was weird considering how she hates to tie her hair. I guess she’s finally warmed up…

  • Asna

    Game-addict Asna

    Everyone knows Asna is a Facebook app addict, but I think she’s been slowly converting. Asna has my iTunes password and I gave her the authority to install…

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