Asna’s first Japanese meal

We kept on telling Asna that she can’t go to Japan because she won’t survive being there. First, she can’t converse Japanese. Me? I studied some and can converse basic Japanese, hence, “Cikyong can go to Japan, you can’t talk with people in Japan”. Second, she won’t swallow anything Japanese, be it sushi (YUCK!), miso soup (It’s sour, Cikyong) or green tea (…). Me? I eat a lot of Japanese food, hence, again, “Cikyong can go to Japan, you will starve”.

She sulks and tells us that she will go to Japan once she’s 20 and an adult (also told our maid that our maid can’t go to Melbourne because she can’t speak English once upon a time).

Today I took my siblings to Sakura Fuji Restaurant, a proper Japanese restaurant at Shah Alam Mall. I ordered sashimi bento while my brother ordered a meal which had chicken and rice. Asna shared the rice meal with my brother, even attempted to use the chopsticks.

Back home, she proudly told our parents, standing on their bed and exclaiming how she had her first Japanese meal.

“I ate Japanese food. I had Japanese chicken and rice!!!”

And then…

” NOW I can go to JAPAN!!!”

HAHAHA. Now my parents can’t use that excuse when she asks! She even told them she’s meeting “Abang Reza”. InsyaAllah, one day, one day 🙂

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