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June 2011

  • Asna

    Very ambitious Asna

    Mama asked whether I’ve heard what Asna’s current ambition is. I haven’t. While my brother and I had more supposedly glamorous jobs written on our school profile card –…

  • Family & Friends

    About 10 years and counting

    Asna tells people when she plans to go to a bathroom. Whenever she’s downstairs and feel like visiting the toilet, she’ll let someone know before going up. Previously,…

  • Asna

    Birthday present fail Asna

    Yesterday a task given by my mom to me involved dropping Asna to her school for her classmate’s birthday party. Bibik, who’s back and kicking (cleaning as well) was asked to be her chaperone. I…

  • Work

    The accident

    Friday was a day filled with interesting things, since the beginning of the day. Before work, I almost slipped into my black boring work shoes when Mama reminded me…

  • Style Diaries

    Shopping at ASOS

    I like ASOS. ASOS gives me a wide variety of clothes to admire, it allows me to shop at the comfort of my bed, it can be cheap and…

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