The accident

Friday was a day filled with interesting things, since the beginning of the day. Before work, I almost slipped into my black boring work shoes when Mama reminded me to wear something else. So I grabbed my Vara to work for the first time, to match with my lilac Thai silk baju kurung.

The day’s victim.

All was well until I had breakfast with my colleagues. One of my colleagues (who sits opposite my workstation) was trying to put her small bowl of curry on the table when it spilled and splashed. I was a bit blank for a while… Seconds after I realized that the curry splashed on me. It felt like in the movies you know. People get shot and then they don’t register that they were shot until they stared at blood on their shirts.

So yeah, I didn’t register that there were medium and tiny specks of curry on my really light-colored baju kurung until my other colleagues alerted me. Near the chest and sleeves. Oh boy.

The two of us, me and the dear offender, rushed to the gym and spread the talcum powders we found on my baju kurung, with hopes that oil would be absorbed faster. We then used the Dettol handsoaps to scrub the dirt off. Dried it with the hairdryers there until it was less apparent. But the stain was still around.

There was a lady in the changing room asking what we were doing, so we shared the story. Then she asked:

“Is that Thai silk?”

Then it hit. OMG so stupid. It’s not advisable to wash Thai silk with soap. Worse, DETTOL!!! Then I realized how my unharmed-from-curry sleeve felt a lot softer that the Dettol-scrubbed sleeve. Oh WTF.

I think my colleague felt so bad that she offered to send me home to get changed (she lives around here, too), offered to send it for dry cleaning at Sogo and buy me new clothes there and then. I declined. Truth was, I felt sorry for her for being so sorry but it was nice to know, though. I love the baju kurung dearly, but I think I’ll leave it to the experts at my dry cleaning center.

I just find the whole situation amusing! At least now I now know how convenient the gym’s changing room is for getting ready. I can dry my hair there, now 😀

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    June 20, 2011 at 6:24 PM

    sabar 😉

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