Made up Asna

Asna woke me up in the morning to show off her baju kurung. She was about to go beraya and she requested that I make her up. If Asna wants something, she usually says it indirectly.

“Hmm I’d be so pretty if I wore make up”

Meaning, “Cikyong, please make me up”.

So I took out my humble cosmetics case, let her wear my new super moisturizing lipstick and applying lip gloss after. I used to treat her face like canvas when she was still a few years young – at three years old she had requested that I dab some high gloss lipgloss on her lips many times before she went out, but up to a point (the point where she let me make her up, I made her look like Heath Ledger Joker and she freaked out, looking into the mirror), she started to resist and wear some for occasions.

Suddenly she’s starting to show some interest again – this time specifically asking what are lipsticks and lipglosses for. I then dabbed light eyeshadows.

Great for eczema-prone skin. I can’t wear anything else on my lips but these and Vaseline.

By the time I was done – well, it took two minutes probably – she was glowing. I told her she looked beautiful. Her nose was flaring and she couldn’t stop smiling.

Quite a nice feeling.

She went toward my rattan chair and sat. Posing, to be exact.

“Cikyong when I’m so beautiful, you have to take a picture”


I took my camera out and by the time I removed the lens cap:

“You must put on Facebook, okay?”


Today I also learned that a little boy had developed a crush on Asna (from a brief meeting between the two) and claims that she is his girlfriend. Asna, on the other hand, claims that she has broken up with D******, had two boyfriends a few weeks ago and today said, “No boyfriends for me”.

Suka hati korang lah.

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  • Avatar
    September 11, 2011 at 1:49 AM

    hahahahahahaha.Asna and her antics!

    maybe i should give those lip gloss a try. even vaseline doesnt really work on my chapped lips. the only that works wonder for now is burt’s bees lip shimmer. so serik to spend on lipstick/gloss for now (cos my lips crack like nobody business after applying them)

    and referring to your bracelets post! they areee sooooooooo cantik! (but i cant afford vita fede yet,think it’s so expensive for leather cuff), right now am saving my money for House of Harlow cutout cuff,since i couldnt find any aztec bangles anymore =( (if u wish to sell yours,let me know k,hahaha)

  • Avatar
    Jazica Albek
    September 11, 2011 at 2:24 AM

    ok yg part last tu kelaka hahahah. my niece mcm ni jugak, kdg2 cerita pasal boys like hello, do I care? hahaha.

  • Avatar
    September 11, 2011 at 10:23 AM

    @Nora Hi Nora, I guess your lips are allergic to most products like mine 🙂 Get the moisturizing stick/balm from allergy-tested Clinique – it’s great so far – the lipgloss doesn’t moisturize as much but it still complements the stick.

    About the bracelets, tu la, mahal kan? I’ve been contemplating for months for particular bracelets from both designers. But Nora, if you want HOH bangles, the Aztecs are still around 🙂

    @Jazica And they’re only kids X) They’re so carefree I’m a little envious.

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