Fifi’s place


I spent the night at Fifi’s place after the snowboarding trip. A small and cozy studio apartment a few blocks away from University of Yamanashi. I started thinking that I may have taken space for granted while in Malaysia. It seems that when you have smaller spaces (as often seen in Japan) — you tend to utilize it better — or maybe that’s the case for some.

Fifi’s huge new tv takes center stage in the room. Makes me feel like it should be in my new year wish list though I doubt I’d use it that much… just because it’d look good in my room. A bunch of us had tea at her place for two nights in a row while talking and watching tv. Like a bunch of old people catching up at one party’s place — discussing sports, bangumi or whatever it was on the screen.

Also, I’ve heard about how legendary her cooking is. Was served masak lemak cili api (for the record, she hails from Seremban), tofu with soy sauce and more meals the next night, which was so, so good that I felt slightly embarrassed for I am nowhere that skilled. Her boyfriend was also complaining about gaining weight from all her cooking!

If you happen to read this, thanks so much for having me and for being so kind 🙂

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