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My Alice+Olivia tweed and sequin coat

I’ve been wearing the same black coat for years for traveling. After going to shop by shop, my mom, who was also my adviser and buyer, got me a black, thick, heavy, long and sleek 100% wool coat from Zara. It seemed so pricey back then, but it was truly something to be considered an investment piece – five years down the road and it doesn’t look aged at all.  Something timeless.

It keeps me warm, though I find it to be more suitable for relaxed trips where I don’t have to walk too much. When I do, I usually end up putting it away after a while because of it’s weight (worse when carrying something heavy). But I love the look of it so much, that everytime I look at lighter coats in stores, I’d question myself over and over – if it doesn’t look as good as what I have now, then why should I bother?

Edwina Front NAP

I faltered when I saw this Alice + Olivia piece though. It has what I like – relatively light, tweed, wool-blend, skirt and sequins -which adds a touch of glamour, IMO. Love it.

Coat I know I’d wear 24/7, check!

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