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January 2012

  • Style Diaries

    Building a curated wardrobe

    There were days where I used to shop for cheaper clothing. Back then, I think what really drove me was pure consumerism. Something like “The more I buy,…

  • Daily Diaries

    The sweetest udon

    The past week my team and I had the chance to go onsite for work, somewhere around the KLCC area. For three straight days, we walked to the mall…

  • Yokohama

    Short trip to Sakuragicho

    Stopped by Sakuragicho Station in Yokohama, located just 30 minutes away from Tokyo by rail. Why are we going to Sakuragicho again? Because it’s a beautiful place and it’s serene…

  • Asna

    Digimon-obsessed Asna

    Asna is now obsessed with Digimon. For five nights in a row, she’s been watching a few episodes per night, back-to-back on my brother’s notebook. The show can…

  • Tokyo

    Spajiro at Akasaka

    As the karaoke session ended, it was time for dinner. Planned to strike another agenda on my To Do list — which was to dine at Hooters Tokyo.…

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