Digimon-obsessed Asna

Asna is now obsessed with Digimon. For five nights in a row, she’s been watching a few episodes per night, back-to-back on my brother’s notebook. The show can be emotional for kids, as it revolves around friendships and fighting for a cause. She screams when Digimons are fighting, cries when they die and cheers at the happy ending.

Here’s a before and after picture – a teary and sad Asna during a conflict in an episode and later smiling at the happy ending.

Not just that, she told my mom that she dreamt of Digimons and even made a Digimon envelope for her art class in school!

Brother and I have been hating on her more superficial DVDs (read: Barbie movies, ugh), which we believe have made her obsessed with being a princess, looking pretty and cliquey. This introduction to another show may be a good start.

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