Something we both love? A cup of hot cocoa.

For some reason those at some of the places we’ve tried in Japan were thicker and creamier relative to the ones at home (I’m guessing malt is a factor, too). Whenever he returns to KL, he’d order a chocolate drink; just to try his luck in finding something similar.

Anyway, while I try to avoid Starbucks in KL, it’s hard not to stop by as the place looked so inviting and warm, when it’s cold outside. Since we’re in a small city, the outlet had only a few customers. Nice to be able to spend some time just talking while grasping hot cocoa in our hands.

I forgot to mention, I have a new bag. For a few months now my shopping drive for clothes and most things have gone down, but my lust for Balenciaga disturbingly continues.

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