It was the ghost

Yesterday Asna was moody the whole day. She refused to talk to my brother and I, walking away, acting mean and throwing stuff away. After her English class in the evening, she came into my room, all chirpy, talking about this and that. A stark contrast, that I had to ask:

“Why are you so nice now? You were mean before this”

She sheepishly smiled, thinking what to say.

“That wasn’t me. It was a ghost. I was away from my body, but now I’m back”

Continued with the sheepish smile.


That’s how Asna answers to our questions, the easy way. Instead of explaining, she blames it on an ‘invisible person‘ or a ‘ghost‘.

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    January 17, 2012 at 7:57 AM

    hahahaha pretty asna! 🙂

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