Karaoke experience at Big Echo


We were clueless about what to do. Then and there, there was a literally a sign. BIG ECHO!

Big Echo is like the karaoke chain company in Japan. They’re everywhere. You don’t even have to try spotting them.


A karaoke session in Tokyo is among several other things in my to do list in Japan. Asked the boys if they’d like to go for karaoke and all of them agreed to it!



Instead of browsing for the songs we wanted on the computer, we could look your song up in their super thick song book (seems like they regularly update it), their song directory that has songs in several languages. We keyed in the code of the songs into the handheld device that’s handed to us and the songs will be queued. Pretty cool.

I admit, this desire to karaoke in the city was influenced by Lost In Translation. Of course, I finally got to hear someone sing on a mic!

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