Spajiro at Akasaka


As the karaoke session ended, it was time for dinner. Planned to strike another agenda on my To Do list — which was to dine at Hooters Tokyo. But sadly, the queue to get in was super long at the time. People had started leaving their workplaces and were also having dinner. Tough luck.




Walked around these glitzy blocks of Akasaka, surrounded by neon lights at every corner. We weren’t familiar with the place, but as long as there was GPS on mobile, we’d find out way. On top of the list was okonomiyaki – but the choices we had wasn’t much. Tired from walking round and round, we ended up inside Spajiro, a very welcoming chain restaurant serving pasta.





The menu had a lot of choice when it comes to seafood, relative to the Italian diners I’ve gone to previously. We got to choose our own portion from the shop – from S, M and L. It’s not apparent in the two pictures above, but the pasta was served inside really huge bowls, almost like a rice bowl (maybe it’s better to refer to the picture of the shop’s front door — the replica of the dishes are on the right). My medium-sized portion was bigger than the usual found at home.

The pasta was really good, IMO. Enough prawns, clams and asparagus to keep me happy. Felt like a whole meal after so long!


Past dinner, our day ends.

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