That awkward moment

When you start explaining to your sister how a virus may attack a computer through softwares and you show her your virus vault as proof, for her to say…

“Ohh, your computer got this when you dropped it on the floor when you were vacuuming?”

I’m not quite sure what that’s supposed to mean. I thought it was another blonde statement by Asna, thinking she meant to say that while I was sucking dust off the floor, a real virus from the floor managed to creep into my notebook. Tried to figure out ways to explain to her that a computer virus is a mean software living in computers (or something like it) and cannot be found on the floor.

But, it took minutes for me to recall that my computer last crashed after I dropped it on the floor, while vacuuming, about a year ago – so she was really asking whether that incident where my notebook failed to load was caused by a virus. She’s not that straight afterall and I’d misunderstood her. For once, I felt old and that she was smarter.

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