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March 2012

  • Asna Japan

    Not your ordinary loo

    Asna was looking forward to trying the advanced bidet toilets found in Japan. She got excited after watching a video about them on Youtube. The first thing we did…

  • Tokyo

    Playing catch

    The claw cranes (or widely known as UFO catchers) of various arcades in Japan lure people with awesome goodies as prizes — from good quality plush toys, figurines…

  • Osaka

    The floating garden

    I’ve never really understood why the observatory of the Umeda Sky Building is called a floating garden. Translated, I was told that it’s more or less seen as…

  • Osaka

    The Osaka Castle

    Main agenda of the second day — visiting the Osaka castle. The Osaka castle is a majestic castle, built high above ground, surrounded by a huge moat, walls…

  • Japan Travel diaries

    A day in Osaka

    Going to Japan is something my parents have been mentioning casually over the years. After visiting the country a couple of times, I figured that Reza and I…

  • Asna

    According to Asna

    Melbourne, 2009. Osaka, 2012. Le wild vending machine appeared. Asna checked it out, like she checked out every other vending machine we came across. Then came the usual…

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