The happiest place on earth


A trip to Tokyo is incomplete without a trip to Tokyo Disneyland. A whole day was spent at the super-packed park. It’s a waste that we didn’t arrive earlier. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, is that you’ve got to get out early, especially when you’re staying at a hotel on the west side of Tokyo. From Ikebukuro, it took us roughly an hour to reach Tokyo Disneyland.

At the gates I was expecting a really long queue, turns out it was ridiculously short. “Maybe it’s our lucky day” I thought, since there were not a lot of people despite the fact that it’s spring break yay – but no – it was quiet outside because everybody else was already in!

Apparently I thought the same thing previously. Again, lesson not learned.


By the time we arrived at the first main attraction, an hour or so before noon, a roller coaster ride called the Big Thunder Mountain, the estimated queue time was already one and a half hour. Asna, Reza and I queued anyway while my parents were relaxing elsewhere. Sadly, the roller coaster broke down just after thirty minutes of queuing! A sad Asna kept on saying,”Aww mannn”.

It was only an hour or more before the anticipated parade. We didn’t have the luxury of queuing for the other main rides (also one hour plus of queuing) as we’d miss the parade. Managed to go to the shooting gallery and got on trains, riverboats and rafts. The small things – great for people who aren’t very adventurous and are into more relaxed attractions.



Something you’d want to observe — how teenagers were dressed. Often, the interesting ones are Japanese girls, walking in groups. It’s only natural in very collective society such as this, for the whole group to be dressed similarly to show that they’re part of their clique. There was a group of girls wearing their school uniforms (though it’s a school holiday) and tying their similarly dyed hair in the same manner. There were also different groups identifying themselves with brown brogues, black leather jackets with similar dresses and the same Minnie headbands, purchased at the park, together. They’re just an interesting bunch to watch.


IMG_4626 \IMG_4612


Then came the highlight of Disneyland – happens every noon and night. Every time I watch this and see kids waving at their Disney idols I feel like tearing happy tears (for the record, I did not). For about thirty minutes, I was more convinced that the place might really be the happiest place on earth!

Asna couldn’t stop waving. Reza was just as excited.


Past the parade, we got on the Space Mountain. I think it’s one of the best rides there. Like riding roller coaster in space and all you see are stars!

Asna got a hang of the ride and wanted more similar rides, but by then the queue to a few of the main attractions were already two hours long! Thank goodness the queue for Haunted Mansion only lasted 30 minutes. The setting of the haunted mansion was so convincing that we were hoping that Asna won’t be scared inside. Turns out she was impressed by all the ghost holograms (not knowing they’re holograms) – and instead of being scared of all the ghosts, the thing she was pondering upon was, “Cikyong, how did the builders build all these?” and constantly reassuring us (or herself) every time a ghost popped up.

“I’m not scared, not at all”

Even after the ride and even when almost dark, it was still impossible to get on the roller coasters. To make ourselves feel better we got on another small ride, took more pictures of Cinderella’s Castle at night and left for dinner.

I’m disappointed that we couldn’t get on the best rides – disappointed that Asna couldn’t have a taste of all the best rides as I was hoping I could give her a great impression of this place. But I suppose it’s enough for her to say that she’s been to Disneyland and had at least gotten on the Space Mountain.

For the sake of your Disneyland experience, here’s a list of rides you shouldn’t miss:

See the rest of the attractions here.

Also, important things to note when visiting Tokyo Disneyland:

  • Avoid weekends and reach the park as soon as it opens – the earlier you arrive, the higher the chances for you to get on the best rides without a horrible, lengthy queue
  • Split into teams when you’re with friends, so that some of you could queue, while some, gather the fast passes from other main attractions, which will enable you to cut queues for the main attractions (important – click here to learn more about the fast pass)
  • By all means, please rush to the main attractions first before riding any of the smaller rides or shopping or taking pictures with Pooh or the Fairy Godmother or Mr Incredible (you can do those later) – otherwise you’ll be wasting a good ¥6800 on your ticket
  • Please remember, too, that the parade usually starts around 2.00PM to 3.00PM, so for best seats, book your seats an hour before by laying a mat on the viewing ground, also a good time to have lunch!
  • Bring food because it’s hard to find something halal once you’re inside
  • There’s no prayer room available, so you need to find a less busy place for praying – I suggest the area near the vending machines around The Space Mountain

Okay, enough of the lengthy post. Hope this will help you maximize your visit to the park! Meanwhile, read about my last trip to Tokyo Disneyland here for more info on how to get there.

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  • Avatar
    April 12, 2012 at 6:33 AM

    u shud see the parade at night.. am sure asna wud love it even more… sejuk memang tahap membeku but the parade’s just so beautiful with lights and all..

  • Avatar
    April 14, 2012 at 9:57 PM

    I can imagine it to be gorgeous. The parade must look a lot more magical at night! Next time I think we’ll need a two-day pass just to cover everything.

  • Avatar
    Haneys Omar
    July 12, 2016 at 5:34 PM


    Just to share my experience when I was there in Sept 2015 (I note that your post is dated 2012 but oh wells). Visited the park during the Halloween period and boy was it an experience. The Japs were in their elaborate costumes, both boys and girls. Nevermind the fact that it was raining off and on (quite heavily at times too) they were super on, drenched and all. The girls were in their fairytale/princess costumes with full on make up and high heeled, and the guys were in their prince costumes, and they even rode the rides in their costumes. Turned out to be a good thing tho, since it was raining there was no Disney characters roaming around so we took pictures with the Japs instead LOL!

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