Asna’s dream house.

Watched Brave with my family the other night. On the way home we passed by Asna’s dream house again. She had always spoken fondly of the house, like it’s really hers. I told her once, that one day I’ll move out and we won’t be having sleepovers anymore. Response:

“Why don’t you stay with me at my dream house? Everyone can stay there, it’s big enough!”

Already thinking of living there! She thinks about the house so much, that her ambition is even influenced by it. Previously she had different ambitions (painter, fashion designer, but read about the most hilarious here) but now Asna wants to become a doctor.

“Why do you suddenly want to become a doctor?”

“Because I want looootts and looootts of money… so I can buy my dream house!”


Anyway, back to what happened last night. My brother and I were teasing her in the car and she was going against us, when she suddenly pointed the house out (again, like always) and blurted out:

“I’m giving Babah three years to make money for that house!”

-_-‘ Suddenly she want Babah to buy it pulak.

Her obsession with that house, though amusing, makes me feel a little sad for her.

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