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Curl impact

Lately I’ve been noticing how pretty my colleague’s lashes are. It doesn’t look like she was wearing any mascara, so I was wondering whether she got them permed! We were discussing what to buy from Bobbi Brown the other day, she told me that she’s using a new mascara she got, drugstore brand and showed it to me online. Since I was running out of my Maybelline Falsies, I got it this on weekend and gave it a try.

I may still be a noob when it comes to blushes and brushes, but I think I’ve worn plenty of different mascaras to tell which is good and which isn’t. Well, L’oreal’s Curl Impact Collagene is it (so far)!

How To by L’oreal.

First of all, it curls the lashes and holds them. My eyelashes – although long by average standard – are pretty flat. This mascara curls and the effect lasts for hours – no eyelash curlers needed. Secondly, it doesn’t clump like most Maybelline mascaras – you can still get a clean and natural look if you coat it twice (but if you coat it more than twice well, can’t help you with that). Finally, it’s removed easily with water. I know how some people will find mascaras which clumps and detaches from lashes annoying (especially when they get stuck in their nails!), but I like the fact that it’s so easy to remove them that way.

I love this, but if you think you’ve found something better, leave a comment!

L’oreal’s Curl Impact Collagene retails for RM59.90. Read more reviews here.

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    Josfina J.
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    Oww kak Mia.

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      June 21, 2012 at 7:49 AM

      Now you know 😉

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