I’ve been having these really bad headaches for the past few days, so bad that I had trouble concentrating in the office. It’s that time of the month, but I don’t recall having it this bad for years! It was the worst two days ago, up to the point that I had to take an MC yesterday. I told the doctor that the previous doctor’s painkillers weren’t working, so this doctor offered me a jab!

I was ready to offer my arm when she told me to lie down on that flat bed and show some skin underneath the waist. Hold up. Although I’ve heard of stories (including a former classmate who had really bad gastritis, that he’d often drive up to the clinic just to get injected), I never get injections there.

“Cucuk kat mana?”

She signaled.

“Tapi saya period!!!”

“Bukan nak cucuk dekat SITU!”


“Kenapa tak cucuk kat tangan?”

“Kalau cucuk dekat tangan awak mana boleh, tulang!”


Take a jab, she said. It works faster, she said. But even after getting a shot, my headache was still there, unfortunately. It took a pill from the clinic that’s labelled “MIGRAINE” to make it go away. At least I’m back!

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