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Quick fix for Balenciaga bags: The Balenciaga nourishing cream

Quick Fix for Balenciaga

This is the bag I’ve been wearing 99% for the past eight months. I never thought I’d be a City girl before my Argent Fonce Bbag came along. It’s pretty damn durable, comfortable and good-looking once it’s broken-in. This may sound absurd, but I find myself checking out my bag in the mirror often — that’s how much I love it.

However, with that much use it’s only natural that the leather has turned dry over time. Before sending it to a Bag Spa, I went to Balenciaga for advice today. SA asked:

“Limited edition. When did you get this bag?”

“Late last year”

“Tak pakai setahun dah macam ni?!”

My defense:

“Because since I got it I wear it often, almost every other day”

“It’s very dry, the color has changed! Like belacan!”

WTF HAHAHA! What’s that supposed to mean???

So for a quick fix, they recommended me the Nourishing Cream made exclusively for Balenciaga leather. The cream’s job is to moisturize the leather, I was told. As soon as I got home I slathered it on my bag, polished and buffed accordingly with a white cloth provided with the cream.

Result? It looks noticeably better. The scuffed corners are now less apparent, while the leather texture feels less dry. The bag looks like it’s gained its lustre back. Like taking months off the bag! I was skeptical with the Balenciaga cream at first (in fact, any other creams for a Bbag!), but it actually helps.

If anyone’s interested, the Nourishing Cream is selling for RM50 and will last you a couple of bags.

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  • Reply
    Josfina J.
    August 6, 2012 at 7:20 AM

    Kak Mia, part BELACAN tu I tak tahan LOL =DDDD Anyway kak Mia Bag spa dekat mana, I need to clean and polish my hangbags too.

  • Reply
    June 20, 2014 at 2:24 PM

    I just got my black work bag yesterday. I thought that it look a bit dry so i touched up with the LMB shine moisturiser. I learned about LMB from the TPF. To my dismay, my black bag is no longer deep black. I can see brownish or greenish shades and spots all over it. My 1 day old Bal bag is looking like an aged bag 🙁

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