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My Puffer Jacket

I’ve never really considered a puffer jacket stylish enough for winter until I arrived in Tokyo. Instead of seeing people in coats, I see puffer jackets at almost every corner, in different colors and patterns! Reza mentions that a higher portion of the Japanese focus on insulated jackets rather than the more conservative wool coats.

Zara Puffer Jacket

Recently I saw a black piece at Zara which looked good. Was able to imagine myself wearing that with dark skinny jeans and boots. Temptation was higher when I discovered that it’s lined with a high percentage of goose down. Despite being rather voluminous, I know that the jacket will make me warm, without needing a thick wool coat or layers and layers of clothing underneath (Asna wore a puffer jacket with down lining during our last trip to Japan and she was boasting about how she felt ‘nothing’, while the rest of us were cold even beneath our wool and fur coats!). With a puffer jacket, I can imagine that dressing up in winter will be almost effortless.

I was considering whether it’ll be a good buy. In terms of keeping warm, a puffer jacket is an excellent choice. But when it comes to looks, can’t help but to think that anyone (including the ladies in the picture below) would look better in a double-breasted wool coat rather than a puffer jacket. At the end, though, it boils down to a person’s own priorities.

WWW Puffer Jackets

So I decided to get it. It keeps me warm and it looks good. I’m never turning back to my wool coats!


You know what? After reading my post, Mama went to Zara the next weekend and purchased her own puffer jacket hahaha. It’s a change from the thick coats we’re used to and we’re lovin’ it so far.

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