I only carry one lipbalm with me at all times — my trusted Clinique Chubby Stick in Mega Melon. I don’t know how people live with several lip colors at a time, since my Chubby Stick only ran out after fifteen long months.

Anyway, it’s now time for a new one.

Pale Lips

I’d always been curious about using a pale lip color and know that they’re widely available in several shades, especially at MAC and Bobbi Brown. However, considering my lip condition (I get allergy reactions with most brands), I’d only feel safe using Clinique and nothing else. The downside was, I’d looked earlier and Clinique didn’t have the shade I want – be it the Chubby Stick or its other types of lip colors.

When I first got my Chubby Stick last year, our local Clinique store had only four colors to offer. Most were too strong for me, the safest being Mega Melon. Fortunately, they had recently launched new colors for the Chubby Stick line!

And they had a natural, nude and almost pale shade, called Heaping Hazelnuts (sounds delicious, doesn’t it?) Great shade to use in attempting to look like a little like Marion Cotillard. Major love for the color, though I’d need to line my eyes more aggressively in order to complete the look – otherwise I’d look half-dead and will have a colleague or two asking me whether I’m sick.

Then it hit me, on days when I don’t feel like looking pale, I’d need another color for fresh-looking lips. Maybe I need more than one lipbalm afterall!

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